5 Reasons Why You Should Listen to Bullet Dumas Right Now

Bullet Dumas’ major concert was eye-opening and surprisingly amazing.  I hadn’t watched Bullet Dumas perform live before, but I do know that his music is revolutionary. His music is simple and straightforward but has a profound meaning for its listeners.

Looking back at Music Museum, his concert didn’t have huge stage production designs – just a centerpiece of stacked televisions. At first, I got quite curious why there were TVs on stage’ but upon hearing all of the songs he played, I now understand what they meant.

There is so much noise around today. In our country, in our environment, in our community… we all want to be heard. We all want to make a difference. How can we do this without unity, though?

BulletDumas 2

Bullet Dumas’ music is a story about love. Love for a friend, love for a lover, and most importantly, love for the country.

5 Reasons Why You Should Listen to Bullet Dumas Right Now

5. His music style is unique.

Bullet Dumas can basically play any kind of stringed instrument. I was blown away to see him play at least five different kinds of guitars during his concert. He has also developed his own style by now, making him stand out from the rest.

4. He thrives on simplicity.

His lyrics are straightforward and simple. He doesn’t need to use grand words just to make his songs awesome. What makes them extraordinary is the meaning behind those words. Their messages are strong and eye-opening for whoever hears them.

3. This guy needs a big break.

Bullet Dumas is from the trio 3D consisting of Ebe Dancel, Johnoy Danao, and of course, himself. Ebe and Johnoy are already music legends. People know them. Bullet deserves this kind of attention and breaks in the music industry. People should hear his songs.

BulletDumas 3

2. It’s time to hear quality OPM music.

OPM is very much alive in Bullet Dumas’ songs. They are not just your typical novelty OPM songs. They have depth and emotions. His songs are earthy and raw. He is not your typical indie artist, either, but his songs can rock your heads out.

1. Let’s go back to our roots.

Bullet’s music is in the folk-contemporary genre. He makes us hungry for this genre of music. It’s time to bring back music that touches the soul, not just the typical hugot-filled ones that people usually enjoy.

BulletDumas 1

Bullet Dumas’ concert was humbling and heartwarming. He made us focus more on his music rather than on himself. We don’t usually see artists like him and I believe that he deserves to be heard.

Thank you to Stages Session for inviting us to hear Bullet Dumas’ outstanding music.