5 Must-Haves Before Bringing Your New Cat Home

So, you have finally decided that you want a cat in your life. However, have you made the necessary preparations for your new feline friend?

Don’t worry, here’s a guide to the essentials you need to have for your little ball of fur.

5. Cat Food

Choose a food that is appropriate to your cat’s current life stage. If your cat is still a baby, make sure you are feeding him/her either a food labeled as kitten food or a cat food indicated as good for all life stages.

Treats, on the other hand, are not only for nutritional purposes. They can be useful in various situations such as, distracting your feline when you’re at the vet, or even when teaching them him/her new tricks.


Photo by Leif Ruelos

4. Litter Box

If you don’t want your cat to do his/her business anywhere, then litter training is a must. There are many options for cat litters. You may choose from pellets, scented, sand and a whole lot more.

As for the box, your options are either open or enclosed. Open boxes with unscented litters are usually most preferred by cats.


Photo by Leif Ruelos

3. Cat Collar, Leash and Carrier

Time for a play day at the park? If your cat is already trained to walk outside, then a cat collar and a leash will do. The collar should have an identification tag containing all the important information, in case of accident or loss.

Cat carriers are also a good idea and is proven useful when traveling. Plus, some establishments like malls require carriers because they don’t allow pets to walk inside the area.


Photo by Leif Ruelos

2. Scratch Post and Toys

It is essential to have a box of toys to keep them occupied and away from tearing your shoes and other belongings apart. Toys can vary from laser pointers to toys with feathers or catnip fillings.

Training your cat to use a scratch post will also be helpful in saving your furniture and your calves from all the scratch marks. Besides, scratching is good for your cat’s claws.


Photo by Leif Ruelos

1. Grooming/First Aid Supplies

Brushing your cat’s fur will not only straighten it, but is also a good way for you to bond. Grooming supplies include brush, nail clipper and shampoo.

Having a first aid kit ready is also essential when deciding to bring a cat home. Antibacterial cleansers, gauze, Q-tips and cotton balls are just a few to include in your emergency kit. Most animal hospitals and veterinary clinics are not open 24/7, so might as well be prepared.


Photo by Leif Ruelos


You might accumulate a number of items in the course of time, but hey, it’s all worth it because nothing beats the joy your tiny “meow” will bring.

Oh, and by the way, a 5-story cat condominium is always an option. *wink*

Do you have anything to add to this list? Tell us in the comments.