5 Must-Have FREE Photo Editing Apps

Sharing photos in social media is the new normal for Filipino netizens. We upload pictures to preserve memories or maybe so our friends can “like” it. Nowadays a smartphone is just enough to make our photos look superb! But we still fairly experience moments where we just want to edit an image to make it look more stunning. Thanks to technology, you don’t need to be a photographer owning an expensive camera to make an image “like-able.” Netizens can easily download easy-to-use photo editing apps for FREE! Here is a list of applications you can download before you post that photo on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.


5 Must-Have FREE Photo Editing Apps


5. Aviary

Need an app that allows you to easily edit your photos FOR FREE? Not a photo-editing pro? Well, Aviary is just the right application for you! This app enables users to make photos stunning through features such as one-tap auto enhance, cute stickers, touch-up tools, and so much more. What’s even more amazing is that your smartphone camera is just enough!

5 Must-Have Free Photo Editing Apps1

5 Must-Have Free Photo Editing Apps2

4. VSCO Cam

Sometimes photo editing becomes frustrating when you end up with a terribly over-edited photo. To fix this problem, sometimes you have to start over or scrap the photo entirely. VSCO cam offers the best solution! This app allows you to transform your dull photo to an exceptional image without having to make it appear too edited. What’s even more unique about this app is the VSCO Grid, which features collections of gallery-worthy image from artists across the globe.

5 Must-Have Free Photo Editing Apps8

5 Must-Have Free Photo Editing Apps9


3. Cupslice

What’s so special about Cupslice if it’s just another easy-to-use photography app with great filters? The simple answer to that are the stickers, frames, and badges. If you want to add stickers with trending themes such as love, motivation, and more to your photos then Cupslice is the app for you!

5 Must-Have Free Photo Editing Apps3

5 Must-Have Free Photo Editing Apps4


2. Square InstaPic

Want to share a photo on Instagram without cropping? Then Square InstaPic is a definite must-have! This exceptional photo editing app has a camera option so that you can take Instagram-sized images and conveniently edit them for your Instagram!  This app also offers cool backgrounds and a collage option for your photos! So if you’re an Instagram lover, what are you are you waiting for? Download this app right now!

5 Must-Have Free Photo Editing Apps5

5 Must-Have Free Photo Editing Apps6


1. PicLab

Learning to apply beautiful typography on your image is quite complex, especially if you’re a beginner in editing. But with the help of PicLab, applying amazing filters, stunning photo effects, and beautiful typography has never been so much easier! You get to choose from a vast collection of fonts from around the world! You can even select stickers & artworks from their collection to make your pictures look more creative!

5 Must-Have Free Photo Editing Apps11


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