5 Items Every Tito of Manila Should Own By Now

First things first: who is the tito? Is it determined by age, or is it the lifestyle, the same way millennial women sworn off partying have christened themselves “titas of Manila”?

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We think it’s both. Young men in their twenties might want to introduce a little more class into their everyday style, while a man who has hit the age of 35 has, wittingly or unwittingly, inducted himself into the “tito club” by default.

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But don’t fret, gentlemen: while the titos of yore may conjure images of balding, beer-bellied fellows in ill-fitting pants fighting about the latest NBA game, today’s tito may beg to differ. This generation’s tito is smart, suave, with a casual confidence that only comes with age and career stability, when their younger counterparts may be falling over one another to compensate with swagger. Think of Don Draper or Leonardo DiCaprio.

So whether you’re a tito by chance or by choice, here are five essentials you should have in your closet right now.

5. A classic leather wallet

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If you’re still using the same funky canvas wallet from 2006, then it might be time for an upgrade. You’re not twelve years old. Go for a durable, classic leather design that can hold up the essentials such as your bills, credit cards, and IDs without the risk of falling out.

4. Versatile leather shoes

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Take it from the ladies, gents: shoes can make or break an ensemble. You could be wearing a spiffy outfit, but pair them with the wrong shoes and the whole look is ruined. Similarly, you could be wearing a T-shirt and your oldest pair of jeans, and a pair of leather shoes could take your look from “threw in at the last minute” to “effortlessly cool”.

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Every man has to have a pair of versatile leather shoes that you can dress down with jeans, or dress up with a suit. Having just sneakers (and ten pairs of them) just won’t cut it, especially for the office. Go for brown brogues or oxfords that can take you from the workplace to the bar.

3. A sharp suit

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If you’re at least in your twenties, then there’s no reason for you not to have a decent, well-fitting suit in your closet. After all, there are weddings to attend, big bosses to impress, and business trips to go on.

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A navy or a charcoal gray suit is in fact, the most versatile suit you’ll ever own as it pairs well with virtually every shirt color, and is ideal for wearing both during the daytime and at night. If you’re relatively new to the workplace, the navy suit gives younger men more respectability. Other choice colors for older men include medium gray, ideal for established seniors in the corporate world. Make sure the jacket and pants are well-hemmed.

2. A smart-looking wristwatch

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One of the most valuable accessories a man can carry is a watch, combining both fashion and function. The right wristwatch can even add more flair to your outfit, making you look more polished. Choose one with a timeless design that can easily pair with your casual or formal wear, such as a dress watch or a dive watch.

1. The perfect white shirt

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The ubiquitous perfect white shirt is the godsend of men’s clothing — the right shirt will work in almost all situations, from being paired with sweaters, sports coats and blazers, to being worn on its own stylishly. The key to the perfect white shirt is quality and fit.


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