5 Fun Facts About ‘Money Heist’ That You Might Not Know Yet

Do you miss ‘Money Heist’ as much as we do? Season 4 of ‘Money Heist’ was released on Netflix last April and most fans of the show binge-watched it in just a few days. With Season 5 still up in the air due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve been looking for ways to keep our ‘Money Heist’-loving hearts satisfied. Here, we’ve collected some fun facts you might not know about the show yet.

5 Fun Facts About ‘Money Heist’ That You Might Not Know Yet

5. Football star Neymar made a cameo appearance as a monk.

Neymar in Money Heist

‘Money Heist’ fans from all over the world include various celebrities, including author Stephen King and Brazilian football player Neymar. Well, Neymar is such a huge fan that he apparently contacted the production team and asked to be part of the show. Lucky for him, he got his wish! In Season 3 of ‘Money Heist’, Neymar makes a cameo appearance as a Brazilian monk named Joao. Did you notice him when you watched it?

4. ‘La Casa de Papel’ was not the first choice for the show title.

Money Heist Mask

Without a doubt, a show’s title can make or break the show. It needs to be memorable and catchy. While ‘La Casa de Papel’ might sound perfect for the Spanish show, this actually wasn’t the first option for the title. Creator Alex Pina initially chose ‘Los Desahuciados’ or ‘The Outcasts’ for the title because the characters are all social outcasts. They eventually changed the name, though, since the first scene of the Royal Mint being robbed was nothing but a ‘paper house’. Boom.

The Professor has an unofficial city name.

Money Heist Professor

All of the characters in the show that are part of the heist have city names… except The Professor. However, despite his unique role in the team, The Professor actually has an unofficial city name of his own: Vatican City. This is actually the perfect city for The Professor since, like, him it is mysterious, well-protected, and full of knowledge.

Alvaro Morte actually has perfect vision.

alvaro morte money heist

Speaking of The Professor; Alvaro Morte, who plays the role of The Professor, doesn’t actually wear glasses in real life. In fact, it is said that he has perfect vision. Even though he had a hard time getting used to wearing glasses in the show, the look suited him so well that they decided to keep it.

The writers write what happens in the show as it goes along.

Money Heist

This may be hard to believe because ‘Money Heist’ feels like such a well put-together show. In fact, when speaking to my friends about it, we all assumed that the plot of the show had been planned out well in advance to ensure that there are no plotholes or unwanted surprises. However, it turns out that the writers only write what happens in the show as it goes along. Apparently, the writers wait to see how the viewers react to scenes before deciding what to do next. As risky as it sounds, that’s probably what makes the show so exciting to begin with.

Do you know any other fun facts about ‘Money Heist’ that we might not know yet?

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