‘Money Heist’ Fan is Unhappy about This Professor Plot Hole in Season 1

It isn’t any wonder why ‘The Professor’ (played by Alvaro Morte), is one of the fan favorites in the show ‘Money Heist’. The Professor is the criminal mastermind behind the whole flawless heist that took place at the Royal Mint of Spain. Although the heist didn’t really go as smoothly as the group had hoped overall, The Professor worked tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that everything still ended well somehow. The Professor is known to be intelligent and meticulous, so learning that he might not have been as careful as he should’ve been is disappointing for some fans.

Money Heist Professor

Well, one fan of the show has recently pointed out a plothole from the first season that is a little unbelievable given as how much of a perfectionist The Professor has been, especially in that season. Reddit user EnvironmentalFun9 recalls the moment when The Professor made a call through a police car radio, from which the police had allegedly gotten his fingerprints. These are the fingerprints that matched the ones on the spoon that Angel had submitted for DNA testing.

In the post, EnvironmentalFun9 writes: “Please tell me I’m missing something about this. Man’s literally wearing gloves as he enters and exploits the police car radio. As far as I can see, this is so sad for the show, because not only is it a plot hole, it’s an unforgivable one, as it breaks down the very essence of the Professor as a character, whom takes every precaution necessary to ensure success. Even known to the crew (and audience) as being meticulous, he achieves being completely untraceable, undocumented, and an uncatchable ghost with no fingerprints, ID, criminal record, etc. There is absolutely no way he gets fingerprints on that car, because if he did, it A): retcons the visual storytelling of what actually happened here; B): it destroys everything the audience is told to understand about the professor’s character; C) it ruins the show.”

Hmm. Thoughts?

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