5 Filipino Snacks I Used To Love That No Longer Exist

It was a gloomy day today. And when it’s gloomy, you can’t help but reminisce about a few things. So, I took to Facebook my question if my friends feel the same way too. I asked: “anong snacks yung love niyo dati na wala na ngayon?” (What are the snacks you used to love but no longer exist in the market)

Most of these snacks left an impact on our taste buds and on our sense of nostalgia. Let’s see how many can you remember from our list.

5. Storck Menthol Candy

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Storck was more of an adult candy but kids loved them too. It was the leading menthol candy then, from sari-sari stores to cigarette street vendors. It was used for various purposes, breath freshener, to prevent motion sickness during a long trip to even a mouthwash Storck was “the” candy. In the mid 90’s it was exported to the U.S. then the unexpected happened, the U.S. Drug Administration in 199 discovered that the foil-like wrapper of Storck had high amounts of lead toxins that may cause long-term learning and behavioral problems among others. Storck Product Incorporated refused to back down and had toxicologists inform the public that there was no scientific evidence. It was too late however, the damage had been done. Rebisco took over the candy was renamed Starr, eventually, this brand faded too.

4. Magnolia-Nestle Non-Stop Ice Cream

There was a time that Magnolia Ice Cream merged with Nestle Corporation to manufacture unique ice cream products, one of them was Non-Stop Ice Cream. Targeting teenagers, Non-Stop was a 3 layered ice cream topped with marshmallows, Choco syrup, and crushed nuts. And as a Magnolia Ice cream signature, it came with a wooden spoon.

There were different flavors including Banana Split and Black Desire.

3. Serg’s Moonbits Chocolate Candies

Moonbits by Serg’s competed with its local competitor Nips and foreign product M & M’s. They were button-shaped chocolate candies coated in different colors. Moonbits were not too which made it acceptable for parents to have their kids munch on it. They were also very affordable and cheaper than Nips or M & M’s. When Serg’s closed down all their products disappeared from the market.

2. Coney Island Ice Cream

People thought that this ice cream brand was a foreign brand but was actually an all Filipino brand. Coney Island focused on flavors that were not offered by other local ice cream manufacturers. Who could forget their bubblegum flavor, New York! New York!, Pistachio, Choco Pecan Nut and much more dipped in chocolate that hardened leaving a topping of chocolate on top. The company also came out with their famous Eskimo Roll.

Coney Island was owned by the Trillana-De Ocampo family and was under the company Seamark Enterprises and was later bought by Purefoods, the brand simply disappeared to the dismay of customers.

1. Tivoli Ice Cream Bar by Presto

An ice cream snack that was very affordable yet delicious. Tivoli Ice Cream Bar became a staple in every kid’s snack list never mind if it dripped all over. Manufactured by Consolidated Food Corporation and later merged with Universal Robina Corporation Tivoli Ice cream was made from the only ISO certified ice cream plant in the country. The brand suffered from lack of innovation and disputes with its suppliers forcing Presto/Tivoli to increase their prices thus allowing competitors better sales until the brand faded.

Which one was your favorite? Do you have an addition to this list? Let us know.


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