5 Filipino Children’s Books that Celebrate the Different Joys of Childhood

Article by Neil John Vildad

Children’s books have a different sense of magic in them. They are able to capture the beauty and complexity of being a child living in an adult’s world and translate them into something relatable, not just to children, but to readers of all ages. They are able to make the simplest day-to-day experiences more magical and wonderful, and they translate the complexities of life into bite-sized pieces that can easily be understood by children.

5 Filipino Children’s Books that Celebrate the Different Joys of Childhood

Araw sa Palengke

Written by May Tobias-Papa and Illustrated by Isabel Roxas

Filipino Children's Books

This story talks about a girl’s experience of going to the wet market with her mother on a weekend. It shows the wonder that every kid has when going with their mother to the “palengke.”

Filipino Children's Books

The different sights and sounds and smells present in the market that piques the curiosity of children is captured by Tobias-Papa’s story partnered by the wonderfully detailed illustration of Roxas.

Tight Times

Written by Jeanette C. Patindol and Illustrated by Sergio T. Bumatay III

Filipino Children's Books

Childhood is such a magical time when life’s hardships and troubles still haven’t fully sunk in and everything is still easygoing. Patindol’s story shows the beauty that comes with the optimism and innocence of childhood. It is a story about a young rat’s experience when his family is going through tough times because his father just lost his job.

Filipino Children's Books

It shows the experience of going through a trying time through the eyes of a child—eyes that are filled with optimism and positivity.

Araw ng Kabaligtaran

Written and Illustrated by Jomike Tejido

Filipino Children's Books

This book exemplifies how, as children, we are not restricted by rules or the judgment of others; we make our own rules and we do what we want. Jomike Tejido’s “Araw ng Kabaligtaran” follows the day of a girl who woke up in an upside-down position and decided that it is upside down day. She did everything the opposite way and had fun doing it.

Filipino Children's Books

This book celebrates the nonchalance and the freedom that comes with being a child!

Ang Ikaklit sa Aming Hardin

Written by Bernadette Villanueva Neri and Illustrated by CJ de Silva

Filipino Children's Books

This book tells the story of a girl who grew up with two mothers and the unconditional love she receives from them despite being bullied in school for it. It shows that love from the family is found in different forms, whether coming from a single parent, same-sex parents, or heterosexual parents.

Filipino Children's Books

There is much love and acceptance in this story and it celebrates the love a family has for one another.

Papa’s House, Mama’s House

Written by Jean Lee C. Patindol and Illustrated by Mark Salvatus

Filipino Children's Books

A vibrant tale of three siblings living between two houses. Despite having to move between houses often, the sisters in the story make the most of their situation. They find joy and belongingness in the different houses that they live in.Filipino Children's Books

This story celebrates the perceptiveness of children when it comes to their surroundings and how they make sense of it.

Children’s stories are not solely made for children to read. These are tiny portals that can transport us to our own childhoods and help us reminisce and celebrate our own experiences growing up.

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