My 5 Favorite Recovery Foods After Drinking

As much as we love drinking, we also love eating before and after a drinking session. Usually, drinking makes us hungry or crave for something salty, but most of us tend to settle for meals that will give us more energy after getting drunk.

Here are some of my favorite recovery foods:

My 5 Favorite Recovery Foods After Drinking

5. Tapsi, Longsi, Tosi

Pinoy comfort food is usually what we want to eat after every drinking session because these parties/sessions finish in the morning when a side of fried egg is perfect. Just in time for breakfast.


4. Lugaw

Sometimes, when you drink too much, you feel like a patient, so what better food to eat than lugaw? It can be plain lugaw or lugaw full of toppings. It’s one of the cheapest recovery foods out there, too!


3. Bulalo

This is something you should try with your friends. Because bulalo is perfect for sharing, a barkada can usually share one order. It is perfect with steamed rice and with a patis-calamansi-sili dipping sauce.


2. Ihaw Ihaw

A food trip wouldn’t be complete without some good ol’ barbecue. It can vary from laman, isaw, tenga, dugo, adidas, hotdog and many more. Since barbecue stalls can always be found around drinking spots, this has become a staple for many people who drink.

Chicken BBQ

1. Burgers

If you have a bit of budget, a sloppy burger may be perfect for you. Burgers are big enough to help you recover from all of the drinks you had and are filling enough, so you can just go home and rest. Plus, burgers are good anytime: pre-drinking, post-drinking or even just for a meal.

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Garage 88 Burgers and Beers

These are some of our favorite after-drinking foods! What are yours?

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