5 Fandom Stores in Manila that Will Make Your Inner Geek As Happy As Can Be

5 Fandom Stores in Manila that Will Make Your Inner Geek As Happy As Can Be


Regardless of what you choose to geek out on, chances are that you constantly want to get your hands on cool merchandise that can help you show off your favorite fandom to the fullest. I am personally suffering from the worst Game of Thrones withdrawal ever right now. However, to ensure that I don’t lose interest in my current favorite fandom and to ensure that I keep the fandom love alive, I have ordered awesome stuff from 5 of the best fandom stores in Manila to keep my inner GoT geek happy. If you want to do the same, whether you are a Game of Thrones fan or a fan of something completely different, then check out these awesome stores that you shouldn’t miss out on:


5 Fandom Stores in Manila that Will Make Your Inner Geek As Happy As Can Be


5. Splatt MNL

We’ve featured Splatt MNL before (read this: Splatt MNL Makes All Your Fandom Dreams Come True), but did you know that they also customise hoodies to keep your inner geek as happy as ever? Just check out this cool customized ‘Crows Before Hoes’ hoodie that we got done to showcase our love for Jon Snow:


Fandom Splatt MNL Game of Thrones Hoodie


Cool, huh? You can send your very own designs to Splatt MNL and they’ll turn your dream hoodies into a reality or you – perfect for the -ber months. Do take note that it takes quite a while to get these customized hoodies done, though. It takes around 2 months for them to finish the hoodies and it takes a while to hear back from them, as well. One of the hoodies that I ordered actually had a typo on it and I still haven’t gotten it back to this day, but if you are a patient person and don’t really mind the wait, then these items are THE BOMB.

Having said that, I wouldn’t recommend relying on these customized creations as gifts, though. However, if you want to give someone a cool fandom gift and want to make sure that you receive it on time, then Splatt MNL also has ready-made fandom hoodies available for you to buy – no worries!


Fandom Splatt MNL Game of Thrones Hoodie


Which house are you rooting for?


In fact, they also have all sorts of other items, such as necklaces, wallets, cell phone holders and t-shirts for people to buy to get their geek on. You can check out and like Splatt MNL on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/splattmnlofficial


4. Uniq Case

Now, if you are looking for something cool, customized, geeky and reliable in terms of delivery and arrival, then Uniq Cases is the place for you. Uniq Cases will tell you straight up how long it will take them to get your cases done and when you can expect them to be delivered and they will get them done and deliver them to you just as promised!


Fandom Uniq Case Game of Thrones Phone Case


The best part? The cases look amazing, too! You have two choices when it comes to Uniq Cases’ cases: you can get the non-3D cases as seen above, where the sides of the case is clear (I would highly recommend this for colourful iPhone 5Cs) and you can get the 3D cases where the entire case is printed as seen here:


Fandom Uniq Case Game of Thrones Phone Case


Either way, you can choose your own designs for these cool cases, as well. And they will be very honest with you in regards to the quality of the designs that you send. If they can’t do a certain design, get you a certain color or work with the photo that you sent, they will let you know right away, so you can choose another design of your choice and send you your cases ASAP. I got my case choices from the Internet and love how they turned out!


Fandom Uniq Case Game of Thrones Phone Case


You can check out and like Uniq Case on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/myuniqcase or follow them on Instagram at @uniqcaseph 🙂


3. The Dream Shirt 

We’ve featured The Dream Shirt on When in Manila before, too (read about it here: The Dream Shirt: Book-Based T-Shirts to Make Bookworms’ Hearts Go Wild). When we first featured The Dream Shirt, though, they only had limited choices and I noticed that they focused more on the more common things about the books that people would love. What I realised about their options nowadays, though, is that they have more uncommon quotes to offer, making their options unique compared to the ones found in other stores.


Fandom The Dream Shirt Game of Thrones


Cool Tyrion Lannister quote!


They’ve also upped their game in terms of their other fandom shirts that aren’t quotes-related:


Fandom The Dream Shirt Game of Thrones


You can check out and like The Dream Shirt on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/thedreamshirt, follow them on Twitter at @thedreamshirt_ or follow them on Instagram at @thedreamshirt 🙂


2. The HBO Store

Okay, so this store might be limited to HBO TV shows and movies, but that doesn’t make them any less awesome. In fact, that kinda makes them awesome-r. Why? Coz I was able to get my hands on these limited edition goodies – goodies that I promise you will have a hard time finding anywhere else.


Fandom HBO Store Game of Thrones Bookend

Yes, that is a GoT bookend.

Fandom HBO Store Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Paperweight

Yes, that is a dragon egg paperweight.


That aside, they also have legit action figures of Game of Thrones characters, pint glasses, wallets, banners, varsity hoodies, pillows and FunkoPop bobble heads.



Check out the shop here: https://store.hbo.com


1. Odyssey or Astrovision

Of course, the bestest way to keep any fandom alive is to keep re-watching your favorite shows or movies over and over and over again – preferably while wearing a customized shirt or hoodie and with your customized phone case on your phone. Haha.

Well, thanks to Magnavision in Odyssey and Astrovision, my Game of Thrones heart is alive and pumping despite the fact that it’s gonna another gazillion months until the next season.


Fandom Magnavision Game of Thrones DVDs


Find out if they have your favourites, too, by liking them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MagnavisionInc You can also follow them on Twitter and Instagram at @MagnavisionHome



5 Fandom Stores in Manila that Will Make Your Inner Geek As Happy As Can Be