Fandom Geeks Unite! Splatt MNL Makes All Your Fandom Dreams Come True!

Fandom Geeks Unite!!! Splatt MNL Makes All Your Fandom Dreams Come True!

Are you a Potterhead? A Tribute? A Demigod in Training? Well, I found the perfect place for you! Recently, I had the chance to talk to SPLATT MNL’s owner Kristin Chua about what their store has to offer to our fandom-geeked hearts.

Splatt MNL Fandom

Just to tease your eyes a bit, here’s some of SPLATT MNL’s fandom themed accessories

The Splatt MNL Fandom

Splatt MNL only started out from an online shop and small booths in cosplay events selling baller bands with movie lines and witty statements. From there, the demands from fellow fandom geeks to expand to other merchandise inspired Kristin and her friends to start SPLATT MNL. She described it as “casual cosplay.”

Splatt MNL Fandom

Few samples of SPLATT MNL’s fandom shirts

Splatt MNL Fandom

Hello Band Shirts!!!

What are they selling, you ask? From shirts to jackets to trinkets, they have it all! They have items from mainstream fandoms like Harry Potter and Hunger Games, KPop and One Direction to the not-so-mainstream fandoms like Attack On Titans and Dr. Who. They also have band shirts featuring The Maine, All Time Low and Sleeping Siren. Yes, SPLATT MNL has a roster of items you can feast on.

As Kristin said, “What we want is for people not to dress to impress but dress to express.” Don’t worry if your fandom is not on their list yet, THEY CUSTOMIZE ITEMS, TOO. From Quidditch uniforms with your name on it to whatever fandom shirt or jacket design you desire, SPLATT MNL is here to provide your fandom fantasies. Plus, their items are of US quality, so you don’t have to worry about wearing out your fandom shirts, either.

Splatt MNL Fandom

Customizable Fandom Sweaters? They have it, too!

Splatt MNL Fandom

Not-so-mainstream fandoms? No problem! Can you guess from where these items belong?

While hanging out at their store for the feature, I spotted some fangirls checking some of the items out. I ambushed them and asked them their thoughts about the store. Kris and Zoe, fellow fandom geeks, shared that they view that store as creative and attention-grabbing because of the unique approach it has towards fandom members.

Splatt MNL Fandom

Here’s Kris and Zoe fangirling over SPLATT MNL’s items

Another fun trivia about SPLATT MNL is that even their staff are trained to take part in all the fandoms their store caters to, so you can quiz them while you browse and shop within their store *laughs*. But kidding aside, because they are fellow fandom junkies, the staff are very involved in your shopping experience. They can also easily recommend the best item that can suit a kid’s fandom wishes if the parents are on the lookout for the perfect gift.

Splatt MNL Fandom

Here’s Ms. Kristin Chua (person on the left) with SPLATT MNL Trinoma shop personnel

Lastly, this shop is not just made for fandom members, but is made by fandom members, which makes it more personal and exciting. Excited to get your fandom gear on? Check them out here:

Splatt MNL
SplattMNL Alabang Town Center (inside Popculture, 2nd floor Expansion Building ATC)

SplattMNL Trinoma (inside Popculture, 2nd floor)



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Fandom Geeks Unite! Splatt MNL Makes All Your Fandom Dreams Come True!


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