5 Delectable New Restaurants to Try at The Corner Market Food Hall

For the ultimate food trip experience that offers you a wide range of culinary options, you should check out The Corner Market Food Hall in The Podium, Ortigas.

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The Corner Market offers a unique food court-style dining experience with more than a dozen of restaurants to choose from. From coffee to hearty international dishes, up to desserts, you can find it all!

Recently, The Corner Market also welcomed five new restaurants to their ever-growing food hall.

Here are the newest food spots to try at The Corner Market Food Hall:

Mala House

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Hailing from Malaysia, Mala House offers savory hot bowls of malatang. At PHP1.1 per gram of toppings, you can choose your veggies, noodles, balls, meat, and seafood, and fill up your bowl to your heart’s content.

You can also choose the spiciness of your broth. Their Signature Malatang is mildly spicy and packed with flavor. It was instantly my favorite!

They also offer a sweet canned milk drink that’s perfect to partner with their malatang bowls to help ease the heat from the spice.

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Salmon HQ

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Salmon HQ is the food spot for fresh sashimi and other salmon dishes. Their fresh Salmon Cake definitely steals the spotlight thanks to its IG-worthy presentation. The Salmon Teppan Bento is another highlight because of how flavorful and perfectly cooked the salmon is.

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For a crispy side dish, you should also try their flavorful Poké Nachos!

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Cloud Meal

The Corner Market 7579

Cloud Meal offers delectable Taiwanese rice bowls that will surely satisfy your cravings for Taiwanese food until your next trip. Try the flavorful Lu Rou Fan (or the Taiwanese Braised Pork Rice Bowl) for a burst of flavor with every bite—plus, it’s overloaded with fried mushrooms.

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They also offer Youfan, which is Taiwanese sticky rice, served with meaty and savory dumplings. We also loved their bottled soy milk which is perfect to partner with their savory dishes.

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Fireplace Burgers and Ribs

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For delicious Western comfort food, check out Fireplace Burgers and Ribs. Their Atomic Bomb burger features a juicy beef patty stuffed with four kinds of cheeses, with fresh veggies all sandwiched between buttery brioche buns.

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They also have flavorful pasta (try the Chicken Rouge with Creamy Mushroom Linguine!), overloaded fries, and rice meals such as their meaty Brooklyn Beef Goulash.

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Pickup Coffee

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Pickup Coffee just opened its new stall in The Corner Market Food Hall, so if you’re in need of your caffeine fix, this is where to go. For non-coffee drinkers, you can also try their sweet and fruity iced coolers or their creamy yogurt-based drinks!

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Bonus: new flavors from Birdhouse

The Corner Market 7565

Birdhouse is best known for its crispy, juicy, and extra flavorful fried chicken. Just recently, they’ve launched two exciting Pinoy flavors: the Sinigang Wings and the Dinakdakan Wings. If you want something new and unique to try on your next visit to The Corner Market, this should be on your list. The sour sinigang twist is definitely a delightful surprise!

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On your next food trip, check out The Corner Market Food Hall for tons of food choices. Whatever kind of food you’re craving, there’s surely something that will satisfy you here.

The Corner Market Food Hall

Second Level, The Podium Mall, 12 ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center


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