5 Cool And Quirky Cafes You Must Visit When in Baguio


Hear ye fellow cafe-holics, if you are planning to hit the road during one of this year’s long weekends and suddenly find yourself—and your squadroaming the streets of Baguio city, be sure to check at least one, if not all, of these 5 cafes that offer a distinct Baguio experience.



5. Under the Tree

This book cafe, situated in the most unexpected places in Baguio, offers a variety of drinksmilk teas, brewed coffeeand some pastry. Drinks can be ordered H, C, or F, depending on your mood. These letters stand for Hot, Cold, or Frappe. You’ll find sticky notes of various colors covering 90% of the dining area, and of course, the books which are neatly arranged in a floor-to-ceiling wooden shelf. Note: most of the books are written in Korean. :p





Under the Tree
#26 Baden Powell Bldg., Governor Pack Rd., Baguio City
Store Hours: 10AM – 9PM Everyday
Price range: 80-120php

Tip: Look for Andoks Governor Pack Road. Once there, walk towards the side of the Ramyeon house. You’ll see stairs going up to the 2nd floor of the Baden Powell Bldg. First door on the right, is Under The Tree. Got it? You’re welcome.

4. 19fiftea

A relatively new kid on the block, 19fiftea tea and pastry shop is another addition to Baguio’s expanding list of awesome cafes. This quaint shop offers a wide selection of tea, from classics like earl grey and English breakfast, to fusion teas. Plus, they sell soft and delectable revel bars priced at 10php/each only. Yup, you read that right. Just perfect for your hot cup of tea. Cookies are sold at 15php each.







Address: Rm.3003, Baden Powell Bldg., Governor Pack Rd., Baguio City
Store hours: 9AM-1AM Everyday
Price range: 10-120php
Tip: It’s just beside Under the Tree


3. Cafe Will

This one’s a bit more expensive, but it’ll be worth your stash. Tucked away from the busy city center, Cafe Will offers a chill, sophisticated vibe. Their menu is packed with selectionssoup, pasta, entree, cocktails, coffee, beer, wineeverything that will keep you warm and satisfied. I would even recommend it to people looking for a place for their first date.






Cafe Will
Address: M.H. Del Pilar Street, Baguio City
Store Hours: 11Am – 12MN Everyday
Price Range: 80-1,300php (wines are sold per bottle)

Tip: Try to check it out on Fridays and/or Saturdays so you can catch the bands playing and have a jam of your life.

2. KaffeeKlatsch (Kah-fee Klahch)

According to Merriam-Webster online dictionary, the name of this cafe means “an informal social gathering for coffee and conversation.” How apt, because this cafe has been the go-to place of coffee lovers and people wanting some catching up time. Enjoy your brewed or ice blended drinks while sitting comfortably on a bean bag and listen to the soothing music of their acoustic band.






Address: 39, Sagittarian Unique Bldg., City Camp Rd., Baguio City
Store hours: 4PM-12MN Everyday
Price Range: 55-150php

Tip: Best seats are at the mezzanine.


1. Cafe Yagam

Three words. Rustic, homey, and affordable. It probably is the best place to hang out and share stories with your friends. The place is really cozy and they have seats on the floor near the fireplace! How great is that especially during times when Baguio gets freaking cold. Also, their food and coffee is really great. They serve local coffee and delicacies such as Binangor, Pinikpikan, and Kiniwar. If you want that authentic highland cuisine experience, Cafe Yagam is the place to be.



5-Cool-And-Quirky-Cafes-You-Must-Check-Out-When-In-Baguio20 5-Cool-And-Quirky-Cafes-You-Must-Check-Out-When-In-Baguio17

Cafe Yagam
Address: 25 J.Felipe St., Gibraltar Rd., Baguio City
Store hours: 11AM-11PM
Price Range: 70-200php

Tip: Opt for the local offerings; it’ll complete your Baguio experience, I promise.