READ: 5 Cat-Sized Ways On How Your Felines Tell You They Love You

Cats are well known for their aloofness.

Unlike dogs, they do not play that much and pay little to no attention to their surroundings and even to their owners. This leaves the minds of meow-mies and paw-pas wondering if their feline babies love them or not.

Don’t fret, here are 5 ways on how your cat shows his love for you, without you even knowing it.

5. Butt-showing

Just because your cat is facing the other way doesn’t mean that he is ignoring you. Cats often do this as they are expecting you to sniff their butts. You know, because that’s sweet in cat world. Plus, the fact that they are comfortable showing their fluffy, furry butts to you is a sign that they trust you.

cats 2

4. Slow Blinking

Have you ever caught your cat giving you the beautiful eyes? Be glad because yes, that is another way of how they say they love you.

mornings with cats 3

3. Licking

This does not happen very often but when it does, it means that they care enough for you that they want to groom you and make sure you are squeaky clean. Don’t hesitate to consider it as a sloppy but sweet kiss.


2. Purring

Purring may indicate a lot of things but when your cat is comfortably snuggling with you while purring, it’s a sure sign that he’s happy with you.

cats 3

1. Kneading

Ah yes, this is the peak of cat love. Whenever your cat gives you a massage, always keep in mind that their only intention is to make you feel loved and appreciated.


Cats may seem grumpy, indifferent and all that, but know that they care for you as much as you care for them.

Do your cats do these too? Tell us in the comments!