5 Benefits of Having a Broken Heart…

Welcome to the shattered world of the brokenhearted !! ahuhuhuhuuhu waaaaaaaaahhhhhhh (hand me the blade!)

So here you are once again, brokenhearted, feeling as if the world is falling apart!

Your mind filled with so many “whys”  and with a chest ever so heavy with all the pain which seems unbearable! Scared about your future and the things to come. Thoughts of suicide and all other stupid things on your agenda hmmmmm….

Believe me, I have experienced them all!

But you see, it’s not all doom and gloom and I know you are pretty much curious about the title of this article which is why you bravely clicked on it in the first place! Your mind probably goes like, “Benefits of having a broken heart? You must be kidding me!”

—- impossible as it may seem but yes, there are benefits! You’re just not seeing the big picture because you are too focused on the pain of rejection!

Because I’m one of those rare species who make an effort to always find the good from where I stand, I’d like to share to you some of the good things which  happened to me after that agonizing phase.

Let’s jump 2 steps beyond and show you what you should be excited about!

1.  You get to know yourself more – It is so true that your character will be tested when you’re down. The question is—-Will you still be kind and forgiving despite all the pain and tears? All your ideals and beliefs will be tested at this stage and it’s really gonna be up to you on how to handle such hurdles. This is  the best time to reflect on things and tend to yourself more. Admit it or not, you have forgotten about yourself because you have given so much to your partner that you end up being empty. Perhaps that’s the reason… maybe YOU have given too much! No wonder you are also into so much pain right now! Eventually, in time, you will get to pick up the pieces and learn. You will eventually appreciate life’s important lessons. It’s all part of living! This is something to look forward to!

2. You get to lose weight and have a slimmer waist – Congratulations! You’re on your way to sexiness! With all that heartache, I’m sure you won’t have the appetite to eat a lot for a while! You gotta seize that moment and help your body lose that extra belly fat and say hello to a new and sexy you!!! The best revenge is to be beautiful and happy as ever!! Believe it or not, I lost around 20lbs in just 3 months! From overweight to normal weight! Saved me from being a candidate for diabetes!!!! Hoooray!

a photo of me 2 yrs ago while severely brokenhearted




3. You discover new things – You will be more busy!! Believe me, you have no choice!! The great thing about it is that… because of having more time for yourself, you will get to discover new things about you. You will have more time for family and friends… the very people worthy of your time! You will finally have the time to do the things you’ve always dreamed of. You might also discover a hidden talent which will lead you to new opportunities!! Pretty much like with what happened to me when I started learning photography 2 years ago. Who would ever think I’d grab the title as best food blogger this year because of this? Due to this willingness to learn and get out of my shell, I have created an entirely new and brighter future for me! =)

never thought I’d be a photographer and have the time of my life!




4. You become more positive and hopeful – Because of this new found strength and upgraded armor through successfully going trough all that pain, you end up being wiser! You will eventually become more positive and hopeful of things because you know at the back of your head, things are gonna be fine! Believing in the power of positive thinking greatly improved my health as well as on how I viewed life in general! Blessings started rolling in! Aside from greatly improving  my health, I also got a job promotion, won contests, met more loving people and experienced more joyful moments to cherish!

got myself a promotion along the way…



5. You are a step closer to the right person for you – Oh yes you are!! How can you meet Ms/Mr Right if you don’t get rid of the wrong person for you?! Make room for that person who will never make you cry! Who will always look after your welfare. Someone who will always make you feel secure and that person who will be worthy of you because he/she will always see your true value.



don’t be afraid to make those steps…


These things will come to you at the proper time…. patience my dear… more patience!
It’s never the end of the road for you! Have faith!

We all have to die a little in order to be re-born again! It is all up to  YOU! It’s gonna be about you making that sacred promise to yourself to improve for the better and start thinking about what’s best for YOU and nothing more!

No more thinking about getting even… it’s just a waste of time! As I mentioned a while ago, the BEST REVENGE is to be MORE BEAUTIFUL AND HAPPY!!!!


but if you feel like crying now, ok go on….. let it all out!






But remember this ——- Now that you’re down, there is no other way but UP!!!!











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*“Certified Emo of the Month” photo by Greg Valerio

 post processed by Yosh Stoner


special thanks to Frank Ruaya for the photos





5 Benefits of Having a Broken Heart…

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