5 Basic Tips from a Senior High School Student that Every Student Can Achieve

Article by Jerenze Christian B. Cuaki

Being in the first batch of senior high school students adds a bit of a challenge before going into college. Senior high school can be costly (imagine paying two years of extra tuition and taking two extra academic years to finish), but the rewards and opportunities will be endless once you get into college or start working. In this article, I will share some tips on how to spend your two years of senior high school life.

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5 Basic Tips from a Senior High School Student that Every Student Can Achieve

5. Study diligently.

Concepts and lessons can be a hard thing to learn if studying isn’t on your priority list. As a student, do your part in studying hard if you want to reach your dreams and goals in life, especially if you are conscious about your grades. Do not put your future to waste. Your parents worked hard for you.

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4. Maximize your time.

This is one of the most important tips if you are dealing with a ton of projects and assignments. It can be hard to do, but please be wise in maximizing your time; otherwise, you’ll end up in Camp Cramming. Some students are still into the mañaña habit, only starting on their work a few days before their deadlines. Don’t be a buzzerbeater; this is not a game of basketball!

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3. Ask for help.

If you come across something you don’t understand, ask your teachers or your classmates to explain the said concepts until you understand them. Most teachers can help you out with that. Also, if you were absent for days, ask your teachers and classmates about any missed work. It is your responsibility to catch up, not theirs.


2. Avoid being late and/or absent.

If it is due to valid reasons, it’s okay; but being late/absent due to invalid reasons is a no-no. Always remember that your school has ground rules with regards to the number of unexcused tardiness and absences that you have. If you are a person with excessive invalid tardiness/absences, please be present in class. The school does not want to expel you.


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1. Enjoy socializing.

Your friends are the key to the good vibes that you will cherish until the school year ends. When problems strike, your friends will help you solve them and when you need help, your friends will take care of you. Of course, you also need to choose the right friends or squad to join.


Picture yourself holding that diploma and wearing that toga after graduating from Grade 12. Everyone will be proud of you – trust me. I hope that every senior high school student will be able to relate to this guide as we all want to graduate with flying colors. For the Grade 12 students who are about to take university entrance exams, use your 101% power to bring home the bacon. Do your best, and God will do the rest.


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