4 Years Ago, I Took a Picture of a Future Queen

Four  years ago, I had my first stint for When in Manila, covering an event for an iconic band in the Philippines: Eraserheads. It was the launch of their magazine cover for Esquire Philippines, as well as the release of their two songs with accompanying music videos (a thing they had not done in years and a reunion of sorts, as well).

Fast forward to the present day, I was rummaging through my photo archives when I saw a familiar face in one of my photos. I checked the Internet to see if it was really her. I was thinking maybe she was just a look-a-alike. But lo and behold, it was indeed the future queen of the universe.

The aforementioned show was hosted by an up-and-coming model by the name of Catriona Gray. Since she was unknown at the time, most of the attention were geared towards the legendary band and other celebrities who graced the event.
Little did we know that she would be the larger than life celebrity figure we know today. Had I a vision like Nostradamus earlier on, I would’ve taken more pictures of her and maybe gotten the courage to ask her for a quick photo.
Do you have similar experience where you once ran or took a picture of someone you did not know, not knowing they would be a star or a celebrity someday?