4 Ways To Satisfy Your Wanderlust At Marinduque

Marinduque – despite being one of the most underrated provinces in the country – is opening its windows to all the adventurers out there to gratify their travel cravings. Getting to the heart of the Philippines takes a long time so one should really make the journey worth it. I recommend experiencing this island before anybody else does for it is slowly making its way into the limelight. Here are some things no traveler should miss doing on a trip to this vibrant South Luzon paradise:




4. Make friends.

Now, this might be a giant leap for someone who is new to the province, but the people of Marinduque are some of the friendliest people I’ve ever encountered. Everyone in the province will know if you’re from Manila and they will try their best to make your trip as comfortable as possible. Try talking to some locals on the beach or asking for help when you need it and you might just find a new friend from another island.


3. Go island hopping.

Staying in one beach is fun, but jumping from one island to another is a different kind of fun! Marinduque is home to a lot of virgin islands and every single one of them is breathtaking. I recommend going to Maniwaya Island which holds several beach resorts and Palad Island which only appears during low tide and produces a sandbar. Island hopping might be a little pricey if you rent a boat for yourself, but it’s definitely worth it. Plus, riding a boat during sunrise or sunset is the best decision one could ever make in their lifetime.





2. Quit sunbathing and walk through its forests.

I had no idea that Marinduque had amazing forests, but once we went to a pond at the end of the woods, I was amazed by the beauty of it. It took us about 10 minutes to get to the pond and we encountered a lot of animals, some of which I haven’t even seen before. Getting lost in the forest was excruciatingly frightening, but I can’t deny that it was also a lot of fun. We met some locals and they led the way and volunteered to tour us a little bit more, so we could fully appreciate the place.


1Rummage through cheap finds.

Everything in Marinduque is so affordable and I couldn’t help buying a lot of things from there. Now, a lot of provinces may offer cheap products, but Marinduque has one-of-a-kind souvenirs and goods since they don’t have any malls around the island. All they have are markets and cute souvenir shops. I definitely recommend splurging on thrift stores and bringing home a lot of memories from the isle.



This is just a fundamental list of things you can do when you decide to visit the province. In the end, it’s still up to you how you’d like to spend your stay in the island and make your tour as worthwhile as possible. Satisfy your wanderlust and explore more of your own country and all the things it has to offer!