4 Thrilling Activities to Try When in Boracay

This year, Boracay still remains one of the most visited tourist destinations in the Philippines. Despite the huge crowds, people keep coming back to this island because of the awesome experience that comes with every visit.

If you’re planning to visit Boracay soon, make sure you go for some adrenaline-pumping activities in the island. Lots of exciting adventures await you on your next Boracay trip!

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4 Thrilling Activities to Try When in Boracay 4

4 Thrilling Activities to Try When in Boracay 5

Conquer your fears because here are four activities you totally have to sign up for!

4. Cliff Jumping

4 Thrilling Activities to Try When in Boracay 1

Boracay is home to a lot of great spots for this all-time favorite thrilling activity—cliff jumping! Jumping off from great heights and plunging on to deep blue waters will surely hype you up and make you want to go for more rounds! There’s a popular cliff jumping spot in Boracay called the Magic Island, an optional stop during the island hopping activity. The island offers four different heights for cliff diving: 3, 5, 8, and 10 meters. The higher you go, the crazier it feels!

3. Parasailing

4 Thrilling Activities to Try When in Boracay 2

You can’t visit Boracay without trying parasailing! This must be the most popular water activity in the island. You will see the parasails up in the air all day, everyday from the White Beach. The beautiful colors of the parasails add up to the vibrant and upbeat vibe of the beach.

Try the parasailing ride yourself and see Boracay from a whole new perspective. You’re strapped to a parachute, launched and pulled aloft from the back of a speeding boat. You can go as high as 100 feet! Pretty scary, huh? Worry not because the breathtaking view and the soft winds will surely keep you calm and relaxed.

2. G-Max Reverse Bungee

4 Thrilling Activities to Try When in Boracay 6

Get shot up to the sky with G-Max Reverse Bungee! This ride has been popular ever since it started operations last 2011. Inspired by a slingshot, adventure seeking guests will ride a capsule attached to two slanted poles on each side with elastic ropes. The capsule can reach up to 60 feet up at 200 kilometer per hour! Before getting off, you’ll have to hang around and enjoy a few more bounces in the air. The whole ride lasts about 8 minutes.

1. Flyfish

4 Thrilling Activities to Try When in Boracay 3

Skip the Banana Boat and level up your ride with the Flyfish!

Similar to the Banana Boat, you will get on a gigantic floating ride while being pulled by a speedboat. The twist is, the speedboat will go so fast that the Flyfish can shift to a vertical position and fly like a kite! Keep your grip tight because you don’t want to fall off the water during this ride. When the speedboat engine starts, you’re in for an extreme water adventure!

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How about you? What’s your most exciting Boracay experience?

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