4 Reasons Why Journaling is Good for You

The Perks of Journaling 1 2

I can’t remember the exact time I started to journal. Ever since I was a child, I’ve always loved to write and draw on random sheets of paper. Over the years, without giving it much thought, I’ve accumulated a stash of diaries, notebooks, and notepads which contain my aspirations, ideas, thoughts, and feelings. Some of which were used to the brim, some were half-empty. Back then, I only saw journaling as something I’d do whenever I’m bored. It was only in the recent years that I’ve realized how it helped (and is continuously helping) me in so many ways.

Below are some of the times when journaling has proved to be a vital life tool and resource. If you find yourself in the same situations, you might also want to try to put your thoughts down on paper. Who knows? It might be beneficial to you too.

The Perks of Journaling 2

When you are in search of a good way to deal with your thoughts.

One of the main reasons why I journal is to clear my mind and organize my thoughts. I think about a lot of things everyday—my adulting responsibilities, my travel itineraries, and, whether I like it or not, my graduate thesis. Even if I try to set them at the back of mind sometimes, they get jumbled up in my head and most often than not, result to terrible headaches.

Over the years, I’ve tried to come up with various measures to properly organize my thoughts and the most effective way I’ve found is, obviously, journaling. By writing my ideas on paper, I get to see a clearer picture of what needs to be done and what needs to be prioritized. For the past years, journaling has constantly helped me function in an efficient manner.

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When you want to discover new things.

Books, albums, craft stores, people, journaling communities, hidden talents, and even hobbies. These are just some of the things that I’ve discovered as I embarked on my journaling journey. I put a lot of effort in my journal entries and, as such, I’m in a constant search for creative journalling resources—books to get inspiration from, craft stores that sell pens, stickers, and washi tapes, people who share the same passion in writing, and even communities where you can learn tips not just about journaling but also about painting, urban sketching, doodling, and writing.

The things that you’ll be able to discover through journaling is not limited to what are stated above. It actually depends on the person. While this may seem vague, it’s actually where the fun part comes in!

The Perks of Journaling 4

When you need a gentle reminder of the simple joys in life.

“I’ve lost all faith in humanity.” This is one of the many comments that I usually see in my social media feeds. I wouldn’t blame those who post this because it’s true that terrible things are happening in our world right now. While it is a must to acknowledge reality, let us also appreciate the simple joys (even the so-called mundane ones) that life has to offer. On entries entitled “little things”, I look back on the moments, people, places, and things that made me happy on that day, week or month (i.e afternoon naps, hot showers, my dad’s eye crease, power hugs, quiet mornings).

The Perks of Journaling 5

When you just want to have fun.

These days, the word ‘fun’ is usually associated with getaways and travel breaks. While this is definitely true, fun can also be achieved in the confines of our own rooms. Journaling is one activity that can occupy you for minutes, hours, or even an entire day! From deciding what resources to use, to the writing/drawing/doodling process itself, and to staring at and reading your finished work, journaling is a really fruitful way to spend an afternoon or two.

There are a whole lot more perks that journaling has to offer. It actually varies from one person to another. If you haven’t tried to journal yet, then maybe today is a good time to start. Who knows. You might discover other good reasons to put your thoughts down on paper. Happy journaling!