36 Stalls, 1 Hungry Tummy: Your Guide to Container Turf (BF’s Newest Food Park!)

Written by Shannon Lauson and Catherine Joyce Tan
Photos by Aera Delos Santos and Eunick Nobe
Graphics by Gian Ferrer and Arvin Chavez

Container Turf Food Park In The South

Container Turf, the newest food park in the south, is the ultimate food experience! With 34 specially curated food stalls and two bars (one for assorted drinks, another for coffee) your taste buds will surely enjoy the gastronomic ride.

The following is a list that features all 36 stalls in Container Turf, with some bestsellers and personal recommendations by the owners themselves. Warning: You might be slightly overwhelmed.

Let’s begin.

Container Turf Level 1

Map Level 1 Ver 2



Container Turf Food Park in The South - Noona's Kimchi Burrito

Noona’s is your go-to place for Korean street food. Get the full K-experience, without having to wait to someday go to Korea. Have your taste of Korea now here.

Best Sellers: Kimbap Burrito, Fish cakes




The concept behind Ayan’s is Italian food for the new generation. Traditional Italian food are served with modern and inventive twists to suit the taste of younger audiences. Chocolate on Pizza, for example, because why not?

Best Sellers: Philly Cheese Bruschetta, Carbonara, Dark Chocolate Pizza  


Container Turf - Melt


Melt serves cake and ice cream encased in a chocolate dome. Served with a small boat filled with warm chocolate sauce, just pour on top of that perfect little dome and watch as it reveals its delights underneath.

Best Sellers: Choco Red Riding Hood, Choco Caramelo

The Steak Joint

The Steak Joint

Our country fried steak is definitely a must try ????

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Spend on fine dining quality steak without hurting your wallet! Steak Joint offers an array of affordable (read: premium) steak meals, perfect for that random expensive cravingor even a nice dinner date.

Best Sellers: Porterhouse, Ribeye

Rumah Makan

Rumah Makan

Rumah Makan 2

Started off as an Indonesian restaurant 10 years ago, Rumah Makan is now making a tasty comeback at Container Turf. Rumah Makan brings you a taste of Indonesia with its traditional, tried and tested dishes, adding another shade of depth to the now-popular Asian cuisine.

Best Sellers: Nasi Goreng, Soto




Home of the famous Raclette Cheese Wheel! Container Turf takes us a step closer to the coveted raclette sites around the world. Fromagerie’s menu consists of cheese covered staples (potatoes, tomatoes, bread, etc.). Cheese-lovers will definitely find their fix here.

Best Seller: Raclette Dish

Pothead Pig

Pothead Pig

Pothead Pig

Home of the ultimate “pulutan” dishes, the forever fan-favorite sisig, and everyone’s favorite tusok-tusok foods like fish balls, squid balls, and more. Pothead pig serves traditional Filipino street food with style.

Best Sellers: Crispy sisig, Pothead Session, Bab’s Adobo Liempo

Swig & Guzzle

Swig and Guzzle

Swig and Guzzle

Need a break from solid intake? Wash all that down with Swig & Guzzle’s vast menu of beverages. Virgin or alcoholicto each their ownthey’ve got you covered. Their mixologist aspires to impress not only through taste but also through their candy-colorful presentation. You are guaranteed to have a one-of-a-kind bar experience!

Best Seller: Watermelon Passionfruit
Mixologist’s Recommendations: Blueberry Guyabano (non-alcoholic), Green-minded (alcoholic)



Vietnamese crêpe.

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Eatnam is Gwen Zamora’s food venture, born out of her and her mother’s shared love for traditional Vietnamese food. Grasping at her roots, Gwen shares her family recipes with every venturer at Container Turf.

Best Seller: Chicken Wings, Spring Rolls
Owner’s Recommendation: Pork Bahn Con

Smoke Grill House
Smoke Grill House

Smoke Grill House

Anything that can be grilled and barbecued can be found in Smoke Grill House! It comes to your table in the form of a tropical paradise, and the best part: a decorative pineapplewhich you can take home if you haven’t broken into it yet!



Zig-Ah-Zig experiments with a gourmet rendition of the potato staple. Switch up the usual potato dishes with their hash brown sandwiches! Craving dessert? They go both ways with ice cream-topped smore waffle sandwiches.

Best Sellers: Hashmay, Hashbuff, Hashbomb

Red Buffalo
Red Buffalo

Red Buffalo

Red Buffalo is your go-to for American or Italian quick bites. Don’t miss out on the wings and pizza!

Dip n’ Dough
Dip N Dough

Container Turf Food Park - Dip N' Dough

Dip n’ Dough serves the doughnut in every shape, form, means, and purpose. Traditional, bite-sized, pretzel, et ceterathey have it. The popular doughnut ice cream cone is an absolute #musttry.

Wok Your Way

Wok Your Way

Container Turf Food Park - Wok Your Way (2)

Wok Your Way is a build-it-yourself stir-fry meal. Step 1: choose your base. Step 2: choose your meat, and step 3: choose your sauce. Mix, match, and be the captain of your own meal. Having a hard time piecing together the perfect combo? Have them nudge you towards the best sellers and complementary combos!

Best Seller: Red rice, Egg noodles and Singaporean sauce Combo

El Chapo’s

El Chapos

Craving Fil-Mex cuisine? El Chapo’s got you covered! Just thinking about their quesadilla and tacos will make anyone salivate!

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