32 MPBL Players We are Totally Crushing On Right Now

Love basketball? Need something to satisfy your love for the sport until NBA season is back? Or do you perhaps just want to broaden your local basketball knowledge? In case you haven’t gotten onto the MPBL bandwagon yet, MPBL stands for Maharlika Pilipinas Basketball League and has been around since August 2017.

The players who play in MPBL are mostly local players representing their cities in the Philippines; so regardless of which city you might live in at the moment or which city you grew up in, you are sure to find a team in it (or at least nearby) to root for. If that isn’t enough incentive to get you going, we’ve also discovered 32 MPBL players for you to crush on… yes, yes. This is that kind of list. Let’s get to it! (This list is in no particular order.)

32 MPBL Players We are Totally Crushing On Right Now

32. Ar-Raouf Julkipli (Basilan Steel)

Ar raouf Julkipli Basilan Steel

(Photo from Ar-raouf’s Facebook page.)

Ar-Raouf Julkipli used to play for the Adamson Falcons. His boyish looks matched with his shy demeanor make him a mystery we’d like to find out more about.

31. John Gonzales (Bulacan Kuyas)

John Gonzales Bulacan Kuyas

(Photo from the Bulacan Kuyas’ Facebook page)

It isn’t everyday that a man can look good in pink, but John Gonzales does that effortlessly in his Bulacan Kuyas jersey.

30. Billy Ray Robles (Davao Occidental Tigers)

Billy Ray Robles Davao Occidental Tigers

(Photo from Billy Ray’s Facebook page)

Billy Ray Robles might not instantly swoop you off of your feet; but the minute he smiles at you, you might need to take a moment to calm down. Billy Ray Robles aka The Ilonggo Superman once played for Rain or Shine in the PBA.

29. James Mangaran (Rizal Crusaders)

James Mangaran Rizal Crusaders

(Photo from James’ Instagram account: @jamesmangaran)

James Mangaran is a true-blue family man. And with three daughters, he’s probably a very caring and understanding man.

28. Mac Cardona (San Juan Knights)

Mac Cardona San Juan Knights

(Photo from the San Juan Knights’ Facebook page)

After about a year, Mac Cardona is finally back in the world of basketball. Coming back in super strong against the Pampanga Lanterns a couple of months ago, his fans have proven that they’ve definitely still got his back by voting for him to be in this list.

27. Shaq Alanes (Pasay Voyagers)

Shaq Alanes

(Photo from Shaq’s Instagram account: @shaqalanes13)

Judging from his Instagram account, Shaq Alanes loves the beach, he loves dogs, and he loves his girl. These are all traits we’re looking for a man, no?

26. Jayr Yasa (Pasig Pirates)

Jayr Yasa Pasig Pirates

(Photo from Jayr’s Facebook page)

Chinito alert! If chinitos are your thing, then chances are you’ll crush on Jayr Yasa, as well. We just can’t decide if we like him better with glasses or without them.

25. Andrey Armenion (Batangas City Athletics)

Andrey Armenion

(Photo from Andrey’s Instagram account: @andreyarmenion)

Andrey Armenion hails from Cebu. Judging from his Instagram account, this 5’11” cutie loves the beach. Well, he definitely has the body for it!

24. Bon Jovi Cipriano (Bacoor Strikers)

Bon Jovi Cipriano

(Photo from Bon Jovi’s Facebook page)

The perfect backdrop for Bon Jovi Cipriano would be the beach. He just looks great against it. And his smile? Absolutely infectious!

23. JV Orera (Zamboanga Valientes)

JV Orera 2

(Photo from JV’s Facebook page)

JV Orera is always proud of his team’s accomplishments and shows the utmost dedication to his craft, both on and off the court. This single dad admits that he isn’t that active on social media, but we love him all the same (if not more) because of it.

22. William Bill McAloney, Jr. (Cebu City Sharks)

William Bill McAloney Jr Cebu City Sharks

(Photo from William McAloney’s Facebook page)

When you look at the Cebu City Sharks, William Bill McAloney, Jr. definitely stands out – and not just because he towers at 6’3″. He also looks great – a face we’d definitely love to see more of!

21. Marcy Arellano (Manila Stars)

Marcy Arellano Manila Stars

(Photo from Wikipedia)

Marcy Arellano may be a basketball player; but he is also a foodie, having opened several food stalls last year alone. On his Instagram account, Marcy shares a lot of pictures of his wife and kids – and who doesn’t love a family man?

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