31 Important Keywords We Learned from ‘Arthdal Chronicles’

Korean drama ‘Arthdal Chronicles’ is undoubtedly one of the most well-created and most talked-about period dramas in the K-drama industry so far. In fact, it ranked third when it first premiered on June 1, 2019.

Created by veteran writers/directors Kim Won-Seok and Kim Young-Hyun, it is a series set in the imaginary world of Arthdal during the ancient times, which was created to explore the birth of modern civilizations.


As soon as I started watching the first episode, I found myself glued to my seat and unable to resist watching the next episodes as stories unfolded and secrets were uncovered for each character and storyline. What I love the most about watching this drama, though, are the words, ideas, and roles of each character that I learned from watching it non-stop. It gave me some major Game of Thrones feels.

Here are 31 words we learned from watching ‘Arthdal Chronicles’ that we had never heard of so far.

(Warning: spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched it yet).

31 Important Keywords We Learned from ‘Arthdal Chronicles’

31. Arth – A mythical land where the inhabitants or Sarams of the ancient city of Arthdal struggle and fight for power.

30. Arthdal – the first city in the world of Arth where various tribes are built.


29. Saram – Also translated as ‘people’. They are the people of Arthdal or the Arth clan. They are the most powerful people in Arthdal since they have conquered every tribe.


28. Neanthal – Just like Sarams only they are stronger and have special skills close to wildlife. Sarams consider them as “monsters” but they are not. Neanthals have blue blood and their eyes turn into blue when they are angry and feel betrayed.


27. Igutu – A human born with a mixed race. Just like the Neanthals, they have the ability to dream. Their blood color is purple.

26. Niruha – Probably means “Your Highness” or “Your Majesty”. The people in Arthdal use this when addressing the High Priest and the leader of the Union, Tagon.

25. Saenyeok Tribe – Considered as the most powerful tribe in the city of Arthdal. They are in charge of farming and military power.

24. Daekan Force – A troop composed of elite fighters of Arthdal.

23. Aramun Haesulla – Believed to be Arthdal’s god.

22. Kanmareu – The fastest horse in the land of Arthdal. The only one who can ride this horse is Aramun Haesulla.

21. Iark – A place below Great Black Cliff. You have to cross the Sea of Tears after the Great Black Cliff to arrive at Iark.

20. Wahan Tribe – The peaceful habitats from Iark. They worship and take care of nature.


19. Hae Tribe – A tribe who has knowledge about bronze. They are considered as the scientists of Arthdal.

18. Huinsan Tribe – Also translated as The White Mountain tribe. They protect the temple under the responsibility of the High Priest.

17. Momo Tribe – They are skilled swimmers that can be compared to underwater creatures. The tribe is ruled by a young lady name Karika. She is also called the Xabara by the momo clan.

16. Ago Tribe – A tribe composed of two clans, the Myossi clan and the Taessi clan.

15. The Blue Star – Also known as the Blue Comet or Azure Comet. A blue star appeared when three children were born. In Arthdal prophecy, this means that they will bring a catastrophic curse to the land.

14. The sword, the bell and the mirror – These are the three key objects that symbolize the three main characters in the drama.

13. The byoeldaya – Wahan Tribe’s sacred relic from the Great White Wolf.

12. The Great White Wolf – The First Great Mother of Wahan. She was presented as a white wolf in the drama and was revealed during the capture of the Wahan tribe.

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11. Eunsoem (Song Joongki) – an Igutu, son of a Saram Asa Hon and a Neanthal Ragaz. He grew up with the Wahan Tribe in Iark.


10. Tagon (Jang Donggun) – He is the first son of San-ung, leader of the Arthdal Union. He is a genius strategist and warrior. He leads the Daekan Force. He is also an Igutu.


9. Tanya (Kim Jiwon) – She is a priestess from the Wahan tribe and the anointed successor of the next Great Spiritual Mother of Wahan. She grew up with Eunsoem and later develops feelings for him.


8. Saya (Song Joongki) – Eunsoem’s identical twin. He was brought to Arthdal by Tagon and kept him hidden in the Fortress of Fire.

7. Taelha (Kim Ok-bin) – Daughter of the Hae Tribe Chief, Mihol. She is an ambitious politician with a great interest in power.

6. Ragaz – A Neanthal warrior who fell in love with a Saram. He is Eunsoem and Saya’s biological father.


5. Asa Hon – A Saram from the Asa clan. She served as the translator of the Sarams as she is knowledgeable of the language of the Neanthals. She is Eunsem and Saya’s biological mother.

4. Mubaek (Park Haejoon) – A Daekan warrior. He found the the byeoldaya and learned that the Wahan tribe descended from the Great White Wolf.

3. Asa Ron (Lee Dokyung) – The Chief elder of White Mountain Tribe. He controls the religious rites and ceremonies. He heads the Great Temple which serves the Eight Gods of Arthdal.

2. Hae Mihol (Jo Sung-ha) – The chief of Hae tribe. Father of Taelha who is the only one who has knowledge about bronze.

1. San-ung (Kim Eui-sung) – Chief of the Saenyeok Tribe and (former) Leader of the Arthdal Tribal Union. Tagon’s father


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The drama concluded after 18 episodes. Many are speculating that a second season is in the works, though.

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