Are The 2019 SEA Games The Fyre Festival Of Asia?

The 30th Southeast Asian Games have barely even started but people are already wondering if this is how the Philippines goes down in history. All across social media people are asking the same thing: Is our legacy going to be hosting the “Fyre Festival of Asia”?

sea games fyre festival

Well, we can’t say anything for sure but what we can do is go over just a few of the things which have already happened.

First things first, let’s take some time to remember the fiasco that was the unveiling of the 2019 SEA Games official logo. It’s been over a year since our eyes were graced with the sight of…multicolored rings? I’m still not sure what they’re supposed to represent tbh but to each their own.

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In relation to the confusing logo is the equally confusing mascot, Pami. While these may seem like ‘small’ complaints, it’s good to remember that payment for these creations came directly from the pockets of our taxpayers. So do what you will with that information.

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Then come the more serious accounts which people truly started getting worried over. It all came spilling out when news that ceremonial cauldron to be used in the SEA Games opening cost a hefty Php 50 million. Suddenly, others had stories of their own to make the comparison to the Fyre Festival clearer. Like this volunteer’s personal horror story:

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Of course, it’s impossible to ignore all the noise being made about transportation and accommodation concerns. From the Timor-Leste football team waiting hours at the airport only to get dropped at the wrong hotel, to the Cambodian football team being forced to spend the night on a hotel floor — it was a logistical nightmare.

Screen Shot 2019 11 24 at 12.18.14 PM

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It’s not just foreign athletes who were subjected to poor treatment, either. Athletes representing the Philippines have gone through their own hardships with funding and training, with many of them receiving only minimal support from the government.

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Various international media outlets have covered the seeming unpreparedness of the Philippine Southeast Asian Games Organizing Committee (PHISGOC) as host as well. Of particular concern was what was initially intended to be the football press conference room. The venue was called “frustrating”:

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It feels like different issues just keep cropping up when it comes to the SEA Games. But then again, there is still some time for everything to turn around. So let’s wait and see before definitively judging anything.

Do you think this is as bad as the Fyre Festival? 

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