The 12 funniest netizen reactions to Pami, the SEA Games mascot

As the SEA Games draw closer, the festivities grow more extravagant. And what’s a SEA Games without a mascot? Introducing Pami, short for Pamilya, the SEA Games mascot! While I personally thought Pami was very cute, other netizens had different thoughts about him–some completely hilarious.

So I’d like to present the 12 funniest reactions we saw to Pami, the SEA Games mascot.

12. Homaygad

11. A chemist among us

10. Most definitely the highlight of the games

9. The spelling is what gets us, tbh

8. STEM students are shaking

7. Well, Pami has at least one supporter in this netizen–who noticed that he has only one knee

6. Art majors are shook with this one

5. Not the mitochondria (the powerhouse of the cell)

4. We’re hungry, too

3. Yes.

2. You sang it in your head, too–don’t deny it

1. Pami, I choose you!

What do you think of Pami? Do you think he’s adorable? (I do, tbh)

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