30 pretty radio DJs in Manila that will make you want to tune in


For many of us, our day wouldn’t be complete without listening to the radio. It’s a great way to pass the time, especially if the music is great and the DJs are entertaining. But because of the sonic nature of radio, we’re not really sure what the DJs look like. Sure, they have a great sense of humor and a voice as sweet as honey, but does the voice match the face? For many of the DJs in Manila, the answer is yes.

So we decided to investigate and check out the pretty radio DJs of Manila. The girls are all pretty and we had a hard time ranking them, so we put them in no particular order. We also have a male version here!

30. Lexy Angeles (Monster RX93.1)

13 Lexy Angeles

Lexy may look intimidating because of her so-called “resting bitch face” and her sarcastic persona, but getting to know her is worth the wait because she’s both beautiful and geeky. She likes anime, K-dramas, comics, Friends, and Disney.

29. Margaux Sue (99.5 Play FM)

18 Margaux Sue

There’s plenty to love about Margaux Sue Cortez. Her blonde hair, her expressive eyes, and her charming smile. She also has great taste in music (just take a look at her Twitter and Instagram pages) so a day with her would be about discovering new musicians and songs.

28. Mama Emma (Barangay LS 97.1)

Mamma Emma

Hot momma alert! Mama Emma is definitely one hot momma with her sweet smile, great style, and her hugot lines. She can cook, too, and you know what they say: the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

27. Candy Gamos (Jam 88.3)

19 Candy Gamos

Candy’s on-fleek eyebrows prove that girls with a strong brow game are ace. She’s also a rocker: she’s a member of the indie rock band Cheats and she has definitely sung her way into our hearts.

26. Jada (FM 1 Philippines)


Jada may be the mom of a teenager but she sure can keep up with the younger DJs with her beauty and her knowledge of what the kids are listening to these days. She calls herself the “24/7 voice in your head,” and can we just say that we don’t mind at all?

25. DJ Chloe (Wave 89.1)

DJ Chloe

DJ Chloe is one of radio’s OGs, having started in the industry since she was in college. We have one question for her, though: go out on a date with us?

24. Katz Salao (99.5 Play FM)

17 Katz Salao

Katz is beautiful and always advocates kindness on her social media pages, but don’t get on her wrong side because she can kick your butt. She is a pilates and cycling enthusiast, which also explains her great physique. To top it off, she’s a fur mom to two beautiful doggos!

23. DJ Sheena (Energy FM)

Sheena Energy

Sheena describes herself as a writer, art lover, unicorn, mermaid, and a biba kid. What can you expect when she’s a DJ for Energy FM? She may be a lot of things and probably so much more, but we’ll do whatever it takes to keep up with her.

22. Rica G. (Monster RX93.1)

Rica G 1

Rica G is what guys would call a Cool Girl: she’s pretty, sexy, and has a great relationship with food. She once tweeted, “Love the smell of cooking garlic and onion together in a pan full of oil. I NEED A PERFUME IN GINISANG BAWANG AT SIBUYAS.” Treat her right and you’ll have the world in the palm of your hand.

21. Lyka Barista (90.7 Love Radio)

16 Lyka Barista

A date with Lyka Barista would be filled with laughs because this gorgeous lady is funny. Apart from the beautiful selfies she posts on her Instagram, she also posts Tiktok clips and memes, showing off her taste in comedy and perfect timing. Now if only we can make her laugh.


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