30 of the cutest male DJs on radio right now

Male DJs

If you loved our list of the 30 prettiest DJs, you were probably waiting for us to write a male version. Why wouldn’t we? There are plenty of attractive male radio DJs and we wanted to share that it’s just not their voices that will draw you in.

Again, we had a hard time ranking everyone so we put them in no particular order.

30. DJ Bebe Boy (101.1 Yes the Best)

Bebe Boy

Dj Bebe Boy is the newest DJ of Yes FM and we’re hoping that he’s past 18 because he looks so young (that’s probably where he got the name). He’s been dubbed as the lalaking gwapo na NEVER nanloko and we hope this is true. Our heart wouldn’t be able to handle it if it isn’t.

29. Mr. FU (91.5 WIN Radio)

29 Mr FU

Funnyman Mr. FU is a chinito that’s making us feel kilig all over. This legendary DJ is the host of Pinoy Love Problems (which is available on Spotify) so you sure won’t have any problems when you’re with him. May ganon!!!!!

28. Jelo Andres (99.5 Play FM)

28 Jelo Andres

A quick look at his Instagram shows plenty of photos featuring food and travel. If you find a guy who loves both things, never let him go. And start filing your vacation leaves for out of town dates! He’s also a #BookyBae so he’ll know where to take you for a romantic night out.

27. DJ Nick (96.3 Easy Rock)

27 Nick

This baby-faced DJ is a foodie so be prepared to keep up with all the food you’ll be eating when you’re with him. He’s also a gamer, which makes us ask: DOTA o ako? (sana ako).

26. Angelo G (Wave 89.1)

Angelo G

Angelo G is another baby-faced DJ but don’t let his sweet smile fool you. He’s a cool guy who likes to eat, travel the world, and DJ (both on the radio and the turntable). If the radio isn’t enough, you can go to one of his many gigs to see him perform live!

25. Jobim Javier (Jam 88.3)

25 Jobim Javier

Jobim Javier is a quadruple threat: he can DJ (on the radio, this time), sing, dance, and act. Javier was part of the Eto Na! Musikal nAPO, a musical set to the music of the APO Hiking Society, where he impressed ABS-CBN so much that they proclaimed, “a star is born.” He calls himself the world’s worst male stripper but we’ll be the judge of that.

24. DJ Adam (Wish 107.5)

25 Adam

This cutie with the warm smile is Adam, who describes himself as tall, dark, and happy (we’ll say it: and handsome, too). We feel that the radio is not enough to inform the world of his looks so we’re lucky that he’s also a courtside reporter for the UNTV Cup. I mean, just look at that smile.

23. Marco Borromeo (99.5 Play FM)

19 Marco Borromeo

Borromeo is a daddy. A literal daddy. He posts a lot of photos of his cute son on Instagram and we’re kind of wondering if Marco should be on this list or his young boy? All we can say is, his son got it from his daddeh.

22. Anton Molina (99.5 Play FM)

18 Anton Molina

If Molina makes your heart flutter, there’s plenty of chances for you to listen to him. He’s on air from Mondays to Fridays at noon (at the time when you just want to take a loooong nap) and he’s also the vocalist of The Anton Molina Project. If you can’t go to his gigs, his band has a Soundcloud account so you can listen to him sing any time of the day. We recommend putting “Stop” on repeat.

21. Boom Gonzalez (Magic 89.9)

13 Boom Gonzalez

We all know Gonzalez as the events-sports-fitness-music-food-threads-kicks-whips guy. We see him everywhere and his presence is very much welcome. While we think it would be tough to keep up with someone like him, we’d like to put on our running shoes and try!

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