30 Craft Beer Breweries You Need to Visit in the Philippines

Looking for craft beer in the Philippines, but don’t know where to go? We’ve got you covered with this extensive list of craft beer breweries you can visit when in the Philippines. Enjoy!

30 Craft Beer Breweries You Need to Visit in the Philippines

63 North Brewing Co.


63North is a brand new craft micro­brewery in Manila dedicated to producing an ever-­changing rotation of fresh and creative draft beers.

63North was an apartment before it was a brewery. Overlooking Manila Bay, it was an apartment where friends and neighbors dropped in to enjoy a silly range of homebrews over the years with styles from the traditional to the questionable, and volume that would put many bars to shame. Often with 6 or more taps flowing at once, it was only a matter of time before it had to evolve into a small commercial micro­brewery to bring some of these beers to a wider audience.


True to its Manila Bay roots, 63North brews creative, refreshing beers that are perfect for bringing a chilled ­out tropical calm into every nook and cranny of heaving Metro Manila – one glass at a time. Every one of their beers is fresh, unpasteurized, and unfiltered. Manila is hot. Manila has traffic. Bars and restaurants in our city aren’t consistent in how they store and serve craft beer.

To ensure that every glass (because all great beer belongs in a glass!) of 63North that ends up in front of you is as fresh as the day it was packaged. They currently only distribute their beer in sanitary stainless kegs to be stored and served cold on draft in select bars around the city.

ABC Brewery

While living in Singapore, Brew Master Ms Desiree Roloff and her husband wanted to find a cheaper and better solution to mass-produced beers. Self taught, they created several craft beers that they wanted to share with their friends. These craft beers were such a success, though, that they decided to create ABC brewing to deliver affordable craft beers that everyone can enjoy.

ABC Craft Beers

ABC Craft Beers is located in Maite, San Juan, Siquijor. ABC brews Three types of beer; American Pale Ale, Indian Pale Ale, and a Belgium Blonde Ale. Their beers can be found at the Baha Bar and Republika Bar both located in Maite, San Juan, Siquijor. Their brewmaster Ms. Desiree Roloff handcrafts each 25 gallon batch of beer with only natural ingredients.

Alamat Craft Brew


Alamat Craft Brew® is an independent backyard brewery based in Quezon City with beers and labels that pay tribute to Philippine Cryoptozoology, Folklore and Mythology.

Alamat Craft Brew

Founded in May 1, 2015, the brewery is operated, and owned by five University of the Philippines Diliman alumni, mostly graduates of UP College of Fine Arts and UP College of Engineering who were with rock and metal bands making its branding a lot more artistic and dark-themed.

Baguio Craft Brewery

120 RKC Building, Marcos Highway, Bakakeng Central, Baguio


Baguio Craft Brewery was created from humble beginnings. It started with homebrewing in a garage, a passion for craft beer, and a love for creating something extraordinarily delicious, out of basic natural ingredients. The Philippine-based company opened the doors to its first location in Baguio City in 2014.

Baguio Craft Brewery2

The decision to venture into the world of a craft brewery came about with their vision to cultivate a culture where people appreciate traditionally-brewed and unique handcrafted beers with none of the additives, preservatives, or adjuncts that beer drinkers have been accustomed to. Their continuing advocacy is to educate and convert beer drinkers to craft beer drinkers.

Basically, Baguio Craft Brewery brews their beer the way it’s supposed to be made. This is their passion and promise. Baguio Craft Brewery is 100% Filipino-owned and operated. They share the passion in keeping jobs local to Baguio and in promoting a sense of community amongst their staff and customers. Each beer is masterpiece unto itself. They strive hard and continually improve the level of service everyday to give you the best experience.

Baguio Craft Brewery
Staying true to its name, Baguio Craft Brewery is a premium casual restaurant/pub with a passion for fresh local ingredients of the Cordillera whenever possible. All menu items are handcrafted in house to provide the freshest food possible. With 50+ brews and with 21 craft beers on tap, Baguio Craft Brewery is proud to offer Philippines’ largest selection of draft beer. It’s not uncommon to find unique brews on the menu alongside more well known-style such as lagers and pilsners.

Pair good food and craft beer with a beautiful rustic interior and great service and you have a formula that Baguio Craft Brewery has been using to achieve success in a craft beer brewing scene. All locations feature a bar with wooden tap handles that are intricately and uniquely carved that were inspired by the wood carvers of Ifugao. This design element has become part of the signature look for Baguio Craft Brewery.

Baguio Craft Brewery isn’t just a place where people go to have a beer and a bite. Their goal is to create an approachable environment for the community to come together and enjoy great food and great craft beer. They are a company focused and look forward to getting to know their community. It’s important for them to find out the unique needs of the community where they open their restaurants, how they fit into that space, and most importantly, how they contribute positively as a business.

Baler Brewing Co.


Baler Brewing was founded in 2015 by two beer-loving neighbours named Glen and Joe with the aim of bringing good beer to the beach.

Baler Brewing Co2

Belale Inc.

29 Aguirre Street, BF Homes, Parañaque


The crest and the choice of colors may associate BelAle with the old and dated breweries that have dominated the Philippines, but BelAle’s origins are more modern than that. Uncorked by their Brew Master Marc Kerckhofs, BelAle came to fruition as Marc’s search for the ultimate beer began. After several bland, mass-produced lagers that offered a generic taste, Marc decided his create own brew, a drink inspired by the unrivaled brewing heritage that has been deeply embedded across towns and villages all over Belgium since time immemorial.

Learning from the old country of the different brewing styles, Marc carefully mastered the art of brewing from ingredients through process and finally to distribution. By June of 2016, the Filipino Beer Drinking population has been introduced to BelAle’s first craft, the Amber.

Belale Inc2

In a country where beer has become synonymous with one brand and taste, BelAle believes that there is more to beer than the usual choices. Carrying the diversity of original beer styles that Belgium has become known for, BelAle combines modern brewing techniques with age-old traditions to offer Craft Beer that can be enjoyed in a night out, over dinner, or while watching TV at home. Break your usual night cap habits and discover a whole world of styles and flavors and the right brew for you with BelAle.

Blackwhite Craft Brewery


Blackwhite Craft Brewery is the first and only craft brewery in the province of Batangas. Drawing inspiration from the Do It Yourself ethos of Hardcore Punk, dystopian literature, and the love of good beer; they decided to brew their own beer in their kitchen in a true DIY fashion.

Brewed in small batches, Blackwhite Craft Brewery goes against the grain and is always up to challenge the norm with shocking and forward-thinking imagery in their beer labels like AVVAKEN and DEATHBRINGER Black IPA without compromising the taste and flavor of their brews.

Blackwhite Craft Brewery

The brewery also supports animal liberation and promotes a vegan lifestyle and will never use any animal by product in their beer.

Boondocks Brewing Co


When the brewer returned from the States after practicing law there for several years, he was asked what he missed most about the US.  His answer? “The variety of great beers.”  This was the seed that germinated into Boondocks Brewing Co.

Boondocks Brewing

Boondocks is an American English word that means “province”, “hinterlands”, or any rural area.  The word “boondocks” originates from the Filipino word “bundok” (mountain).  American soldiers stationed in the Philippines at the end of the 19th century had a difficult time pronouncing “bundok” and so modified the word and its meaning into its current state. Thus, like the brewer, Boondocks is something Filipino that left home, but eventually found its way back.

Beer Bros Crafting Brew Co


Grounded by child-at-heart inspirations yet mature perspective, the Beer Bros Craft Brewing Co. started their venture last Feb 1, 2016. The group is built by their long-standing friendship dated ages ago, mutual love for drinking, and longing to share their passion of their spirited arcade gaming, as well as their festive gulping and sipping with friends and family.

Beer Bros Craft Brewing Co.

With the goal to spread their love for fine drinks, they vied for the creation of Beer Bros Craft Brewing Co., where they strive to uplift the quality of life using the art of craft beer, and to provide an avenue where people can have their everyday reprieve. It serves as a day-ender controller that simply makes the routine, the grind, the big fight more bearable and worthwhile – something to look forward to after a long drudgery; a sweet, savory salvation.

Bulul Brewery

Ciudad de Hizon,MacArthur Highway, San Fernando, Pampanga


Bulul Brewery started in October 2016 and is located in San Fernando, Pampanga.

Bulul Brewery

They try to brew the most unique beers available in the market while keeping it affordable for consumers to enjoy.

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