3 Pinoy Desserts We Love

Who says milkshakes bring the boys to the yard? Pinoy desserts still reign supreme! Here are just some of our favorite  treats to satisfy our sweet tooth.

3. Halo-halo

Cool Down this Summer with Halo-Halo from Kuya J Jericho Rosales

A summer treat that is enjoyed all year long, halo-halo is the beautiful result of when all tropical flavors come together. You’ve got red beans, a slice of leche flan, ube ice cream, coconut gel, condensed milk and shaved ice all in one glass!

Pretty much every halo-halo served in all corner stores are wonderful, but we especially like these ones: Halo-halo at Kuya J, Razon’s, and Chowking!

2. Leche flan

Anghelicas ube leche flan when in manila

How can a custard cake become so simple yet indulgent at the same time? Leche flan is most popularly served during Christmas and New Year, and with good reason — it’s so indulgent, it’s best reserved for the holidays! Different takes on the leche flan include introduction to different layers, fusion of different flavors such as ube, and more. But if you ask us, we like it best plain and simple. Yum.

1. Ube ice cream


Ube has been making waves abroad as the next trend after matcha. What can we say? This celebration of ube has been long overdue! We Filipinos have enjoyed this rich purple treat since time immemorial, adding them to our favorite desserts!
For when simple ice cream just won’t do, ube ice cream is the bomb — the vibrant aubergine color, its rich taste and velvety texture we just can’t get enough of!

What are your other favorite Pinoy desserts? Let us know!