3 Philippine Museums For The History Buff To Visit

Still haven’t made plans for the weekend? Especially for those interested in taking a walk through time, you can give these museums in Manila a shot. Thanks to the National Historical Commission of the Philippines, these museums definitely offer more than the usual artifacts and relics, thanks to the modern upgrades they’ve done to the museum, connecting with today’s technology-crazed millennials.

Here’s a look at three museums you can visit, especially for the history buff. What’s great is that it won’t cost you a lot, yet you’ll gain so much more in return!

3 Philippine Museums For The History Buff To Visit

3. Museo ni Rizal – Intramuros, Manila

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History geeks into the old timey-wimey walls and cobblestone pavements of Fort Santiago in Intramuros will find another reason to visit the ancient fort with the Rizal Shrine Museum inside Fort Santiago, presenting history with a modern touch due to the series of renovations done on the museum.


The result? A brighter, updated look, with contemporary designs and even more historical artifacts installed, giving more interesting perspectives on the life and times of Dr. Jose Rizal. One of these includes a replica of Jose Rizal’s dungeon, built in its actual location more than a century ago. 


Another interesting installment is a life-size diorama of Rizal’s trial when he was sentenced to death, which is activated by lights and music, as well as automated figures and a narration of what transpired during the trial. It’s moving, almost eerie, but it’s this chilling effect that makes all the more impact, as it presents the illusion of bringing you back during that moment in time.

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As the museum is divided into different sections depending on particular periods in Rizal’s life, there are also mementos preserved in the various galleries that provide a glimpse into the life of the enigmatic national hero.

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From clothes, to letters, and even the medical tools he used while on exile in Dapitan, these fit like little puzzle pieces meant to piece together the persona of Dr. Jose Rizal, making him feel more real and human to Filipinos of today’s times, rather than just another name listed in history books.

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Rizal’s medical instruments. While on exile in Dapitan, he served as doctor, teacher and  to the residents there.


Enshrined here is a piece of bone taken from Rizal’s skull, which was preserved by his mother.

Intriguing, right? More interesting stuff on the next page. Yay, history!


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