25 Local Calligraphy Artists You Should Follow

5. Meeya Cruz, 34


05-Meeya Cruz

Meeya Cruz shares that she started her calligraphy journey in 2016, owing to it her love of writing in diaries, journals, and planners ever since she was a kid. It was through her small online business about paper products and personalization that she was inspired to incorporate calligraphy with the designs that they make.

Now, she manages Facebook calligraphy community Calligrafriends PH where Filipino calligraphy enthusiasts can freely share their artworks, materials, and events.

“I am into modern calligraphy and mainly use brush pens with my style. One of my signature styles is compressed bouncing letters. I also explore watercolor calligraphy and pointed pen calligraphy from time to time. Lately, I am exploring florals using watercolor and acrylic mediums. I just love anything colorful,” she says.

Outside the art world, Meeya is an online seller of PAPELito for 8 years, making personalized stationery products such as notepads, notebooks, and calendars.

4. Fozzy Castro-Dayrit, 39


04-Fozzy Castro Dayrit

Fozzy Castro-Dayrit has become a household name to calligraphy and lettering enthusiasts. She shares that she has always loved creating art with pens and paper but she calls her wedding preparations back in 2009 her “trigger.”

“It was some kind of renaissance because Google and Pinterest showed me all these beautiful things one could do with swirly, romantic letters. So I became obsessed (like any other Scorpio) and drowned myself in videos and manuals I could find online. I got an IAMPETH membership and taught myself with tools I had ordered from the states (not much was available here back then). Fast forward 10 years later (gosh, has it been a decade??) and I still haven’t fallen out of love with learning,” she shares.

Currently, she’s focused on Spencerian and Ornamental Penmanship but also enjoys Modern Calligraphy. “There is also an edgy brush script that I do because I also enjoy slinging all the ink around,” she adds.

When she doesn’t have a pen in hand, she’s enjoying her time with her 2 girls and pet dog, reading on her Kindle, and waiting for opportunities to do yoga more often than she’s able to.

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3. Maricar Concepcion, 29


03-Maricar Concepcion

Maricar Concepcion started learning Modern Calligraphy in November 2017 while she was working in the telecommunications industry when she felt the need to have a creative outlet. She learned mostly through YouTube tutorials and downloading free practice sheets online.

“I was determined to pursue this craft because it gives me peace of mind whenever I would sit on my table and just letter something. This form of art brought new excitement to my working days because I would always look forward to practice and learn new techniques. It also unleashed the creative in me which I didn’t realize I can be,” she shares.

When asked about her artistic inspiration, she mentions Chrystal Elizabeth whom she admires for her modern style of brush lettering. “I even bought her book because I really wanted to learn her techniques,” she adds. “But generally speaking, being in the field of art can be scary so I admire every single artist who keeps on creating, sharing, and inspiring with their artworks.”

Maricar currently works as a full-time Engineer but hopes to pursue her own Calligraphy business in the future.

2. Chris Bakunawa, 30


02-Chris Bakunawa

Chris Bakunawa shares that his love for calligraphy happening “coincidentally” when his anxiety and agoraphobia worsened in April 2016.

“I’ve been dealing with agoraphobia which really challenges and often times refrains me from socializing with different people. I can’t go outside all by myself and this makes me a ‘taong-bahay’,” he says. “I was in that stage of entertaining and helping myself—then there I found calligraphy. Or calligraphy found me!”

Now, Chris uses calligraphy to inspire and encourage others especially with the messages he writes and posts online.

His current art style is pointed pen calligraphy and has worked on a number of wedding and celebrity gala projects, to name a few. He also currently manages the Instagram account The Calligraphy Hub wherein he shares videos, tutorials, and features of different artists around the world.

Outside of this, he was formerly a praise and worship leader and a Young Adult leader in his church in Bulacan, though he looks forward to coming back soon.

1. Alexis Ventura Dy


01-Alexis Ventura Dy

Alexis Ventura Dy is the girl boss and founder of two major forces in the local calligraphy scene: The Craft Central and The Ink Scribbler. A self-taught calligrapher, she used her experience of having to learn and improve her craft on her own to create beginner-friendly workshops through Ink Scribbler and help fellow calligraphy enthusiasts hone their talents.

In the process, she has helped grow a community of passionate individuals who are eager to learn and create.

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