This 21-Minute Song Tells the Story of the Philippines

It’s that time of the year again when Filipinos wave the national flags in remembrance and display of patriotism. After all, were it not for the bravery and nationalism of our national heroes, we wouldn’t be the free people that we are today.

For artists, writers, and musicians, it is also a day to devote their talent to honor our motherland.

Titibayan, a community of Filipinos that has dedicated their lives to their love of country, art, and music, will be launching a 21-minute song to do just that.

Yes, you read that right: a 21-minute song that honors our country by telling her story in the eyes of the ordinary Filipino.

Titled Pili Pinas, this song tells us not only what we may have already learned in school, but also provides insight as to why history came to be as we know it today.

Things we don’t want to hear (but should)

Pili Pinas does not mince words, with the opening lyrics blatantly telling us that our colonizers have twisted our history in their favor, and that we Filipinos have regarded their version of the narratives as truth.

Each lyric goes on to tell us the ‘uncensored and unpopular’ versions of our tale, of the lives that were lost in the name of patriotism ,and in the same narrative glorifies the lesser evils who sided with us against other foreign aggressors.

Pili Pinas isn’t afraid to delve into the details we (subconsciously) ignore about our nation’s past as it also tackles political affairs that have made an impact on our country in the past two decades.

PiliPinas S5 F3 1Teaser from the Pili Pinas music video

One major point that Pili Pinas also tackles, which is also very relevant in today’s times, is the role of the youth and the working class in the shaping of society.

Lyrics such as “Makibaka! Wag matakot / (mag-enjoy, wag mag buraot) / Iskolar ng Bayan ngayon ay lumalaban / (ayoko sumama, mainit sa lansangan) / Don’t be sosy, join the rally / (tapos na ang rally, nood tayo ng sine) /Daig ng maagap ang taong masipag / (mabuti nang tamad, hindi naman pagod)” emphasize the class divide that exists among Filipinos.

Even today, a strong sense of nationalism still rages not just in the Iskolar ng Bayan, but in every Filipino as they carry their ideals of justice, whether it’s a protest on the streets or online.

Choose Filipino

Pili Pinas does not judge those who do not want to leave their comfort zone. Instead, through a mix of progressive yet catchy music and lyrics and striking visuals from local Pinoy artists, the song conveys a message to its audience:

To think of those who struggle daily, be it the farmer or the jeepney driver, think of those who work tirelessly but remain among the poorest while there are those who do nothing yet bask in luxury and abundance.

Pili Pinas was performed and recorded by BandITO, and is launching on tomorrow (June 12, 2020). In the spirit of patriotism, let’s all tune in and reflect.

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