21 Local Filipino Beauty YouTubers We Adore

Beauty goes beyond skin-deep when it comes to the Philippines’ YouTube beauty community. We’ve collated a list of Filipino beauty vloggers we adore. It’s not just because they can pull off the fiercest looks, but we love them because of their adorable personalities too. 

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Michelle Dy 

Michelle Dy has been in the YouTube scene since 2011. She has garnered over 2.3 million subscribers over the years. With her quirky personality and hugot make-up tutorials, it’s not hard to see why. 

Anne Clutz

Anne Clutz began her YouTube career in 2012. She now has 1.16M subscribers under her belt. She is all about Filipina-friendly videos. We love that with all the beauty brands popping up, we have a YouTuber who is willing to test and see if it works well with our sun-kissed skin. Her make-up vlogs are sure to be informational and full of local love. 

Raiza Contawi

Raiza Contawi is a Filipina beauty vlogger we enjoy because of the stunning make-up looks she can pull off. She has been on YouTube since 2015, and now has over 500,000 subscribers. We love her because behind her fierce looks is a lovely personality. 

Ana Victorino

Ana Victorino began her YouTube career in 2011 as a self-taught make-up artist. We love Ana Victorino because she gets inspiration from what she sees and easily translates it into make-up loves we would love to try out on our own. What’s best is that her make-up tutorials are easy-to-watch and easy-to-follow. 

Rei Germar 

Rei Germar is a young vlogger who started YouTube in 2016. She vlogs about her love for make-up, travel, and trying out new things. What we adore about Rei is that she carefully makes her videos for her audience not just to learn, but to enjoy with her as well.


Bella has been in YouTube since 2015. She makes beauty and lifestyle videos that are easy to try. We adore her not just because of her fresh make-up looks but her bright personality is a breath of fresh air when we watch her videos. 

Kuys Kiko

Kuys Kiko is one of the few male Filipino beauty vloggers. He began his career in 2016 and is thriving as a YouTuber as he is currently part of YouTube’s NextUp program. We love him because it’s nice to see a male face in the beauty community who is not afraid to use his platform to know that men can be fierce and fresh too. 

Teena Arches

Teena began her YouTube career in 2010. She uses the platform to share her passion for make-up and art. We adore her fun videos and her bubbly personality. More than that, we also love that she’s able to use her platform to talk about her body image and what it means to be a plus-size woman in the Philippines. 

Dr. Glam

Dr. Glam, or Dr. Shideh Nikbin in real life, is also fairly new in the local YouTube community starting her channel in August 2018. Dr. Glam is pretty unique for a beauty vlogger because she is also a doctor of dental medicine both in the Philippines and in Iran. Beyond make-up routines, she also advocates oral hygiene as part of our beauty routine. 

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