Skin, Hair, and Beauty Tips from a Celebrity Make-Up Artist

Words by Matthew Mendiola

“Hindi ako naniniwala sa pangit.”

Celebrity make-up artist and hair stylist Jeff de Guzman explained that there’s something beautiful in everyone. It’s his job to find that beauty and accentuate it. Jeff refers to this as the person’s “focal point”.

A self-taught professional, Jeff landed his first big break being part of Team PAC Philippines, when he and his team represented the country in the 2013 International Makeup Competition in Jakarta, Indonesia. Since then, Jeff has made a name for himself in the industry, having done hair and make-up for various models, beauty queens, and celebrities such as Megan Young, Anne Curtis, Sunshine Cruz, and many others.


6 Decades of Filipina Beauty 23n

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Jeff has an eclectic skill set, with trade tricks and beauty secrets learned through experience. We recently caught up with the celebrity make-up artist as he groomed a model to recreate iconic looks of Filipinas through the years, from “Imeldific” Imelda Marcos looks to present.

Given Jeff’s expertise on achieving different looks, we asked him to give some practical beauty tips.

Pre-make-up skin tips

According to Jeff, his creations always begin with a good foundation—which is why skin is so important to him. He gave three important skin tips:

1. Get color matched

Find what shade of foundation works best for you. Swipe shades along your jawline to take into account the color of your neck, which, according to Jeff, is often paler than your face. The right hue should disappear into your skin.

Whether you’re morena or fair-skinned, finding the right color is key to good makeup.

2. Know your skin type

Jeff said that depending on how dry or how oily your skin is, certain products and treatments may be better suited to your skin type. This is important to determine how best to care for your skin. 

3. Moisturize and cleanse

This goes for the guys as well. According to Jeff, caring for your skin is vital, and the best way to do that is by keeping it clean and hydrated. This will also help prevent wrinkles and excess oils. As for products, Jeff suggests using those with all-natural ingredients. And don’t forget to exfoliate and tone!

Hair tips

Before venturing into makeup, Jeff was a professional hair dresser, so this is something he knows a lot about. According to him, hair needs regular maintenance to preserve its strength, elasticity, and shine.

6 Decades of Filipina Beauty 20n

1. Avoid chemical treatments

As with skin, Jeff stressed that you should avoid chemical treatments on hair, and use good quality shampoo and conditioners that make use of organic ingredients. You don’t necessarily have to switch between shampoo brands so often, but as Jeff said, “Depende naman sayo yun.”

2. Brush, brush, brush

Always brush your hair. This is probably the most basic form of hair care you could do, but it works wonders. 

3. Dry it right

Jeff said that one of the biggest causes of hair damage is drying it wrong. You should just pat it dry.

4. Stay healthy

Of course, the best tip Jeff could give is that you should stay healthy. After all, good health will give you healthy hair! There’s not one magic product or ritual that will instantly make you look better. How good you look will depend on how well you take care of yourself.

Jeff said that he has worked with a lot of “beautiful” people, at least, according to societal standards. He stressed, however, that people shouldn’t use this as the basis for defining beauty. He believes that “Beauty is what’s inside. You cannot see it with your naked eye, but you can feel it.”

Jeff intends to be a successful makeup artist in the Philippines, and eventually, the world. He said that his dream clients would have to be the elites like Kendall Jenner and the Kardashians.

Right now, he’s happy where he’s at, but of course, he says, who wouldn’t want to aim higher?

Jeff de Guzman

Instagram: @jefftheartist
Contact: 09154261478