205 Offers a Gold Cart Service for Your Next Barkada Booze Night

When we first visited 205 at High Street Central in BGC last year, we had the whole table filled with sumptuous dishes for dinner. They served the addicting Uni and Caviar Radiatori, the generously-topped Carbonara Pizza, their rendition of pan-seared salmon called Salmone Grigliato with its creamy, thin-sliced potatoes on the side, platters for wine pairing, and so much more.

They also have superb coffee offerings, which isn’t really surprising since they come from The Curator, a coffee shop in Makati known for their almost-perfect ratings. 205 being known for quality comfort food and coffee in BGC is just the tip of the iceberg, though.

Aside from these mouthwatering delights, they also proudly offer a posh Gold Cart Service which entitles you to have your own special cart of botanicals, juices, and other mix-ins to make creative drinks out of any of their premium bottles. It’s basically like having your own mini bar with a personal bartender at your table!

The Gold Cart includes traditional botanicals to give any drink a distinct taste such as star anise, rose petals, coriander, pink peppercorn, chamomile, and juniper berries.

As for us, we chose a versatile drink to try out different cocktails. We chose Japanese Craft Roku Gin as our base liquor, which features Japan’s four seasons. Roku means six, and the six botanicals in it include Sakura leaf and Sakura flowers (spring), Sencha tea and Gyokuro tea (summer), Sancho pepper (autumn), and Yuzu peel (winter).

The personal bartender can customize your drink according to your preferences. Let’s say you come with your friends and you’re in the mood for fruity cocktails but they have different choices. The bartender can creatively create a drink for each one of you.

The first one is a customized gin and tonic with rose petals, chamomile, and a slice of cucumber. Try this if you want a refreshing drink after a long day of work. The floral aroma is so stress-relieving!

The Gin Pomplemousse tastes sweet and sour, but still has a strong note. It’s made of gin, fresh grapefruit, Crème de Pomplemousse Rose, fresh lemon, and yellow chartreuse.

The third one is called IDGAF and is relatively the same as the second, except that it’s pink and sparkling. This bestselling cocktails is perfect for long conversations!

One of us requested for Negroni, too, which is made of gin, Campari, and sweet vermouth. We wanted more!

We also had their rendition of bramble, which is made of Roku gin, fresh lemon, sugar, Crème de Mure, and crushed ice; and their Clover Club, which is created with Roku gin, fresh lemon, Chambord or raspberry liqueur, and egg whites.

Last but not least, there’s Aviation Gin made of lemon, crème de violet, and Roku Gin which has vivid floral notes.

The Gold Cart Service prices depend on your choices of liquor. In our case, Roku Gin with the Gold Cart Service cost Php6,800, and served 15-16 handcrafted cocktails. This is perfect for special occasions such as birthdays, not-so-secluded bridal showers, and even casual nights when you feel the need to have a few drinks. So, make sure to keep 205 in mind if the night calls for a barkada booze chill-out!


C2, Upper Ground, High Street Central, Bonifacio Global City


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