205: Enjoy Handcrafted Drinks at This Posh Bar in BGC

We all know what to see in Bonifacio Global City (BGC): a roster of mostly ritzy and deluxe restaurants and bars that may intimidate some. That’s not the case in this newfound restaurant bar and lounge at High Street Central, though, where they offer coffee, cocktails, wine, and comfort food. Say hello to 205!

205 at Bonofacio High Street 39

205 may look fancy and expensive because of its classy interiors (plus they have gold straws in their drinks), but it’s actually just a cozy hangout place like a hotel lounge area or your rich barkada’s living room. So posh!


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The owners say they got the name from the unit number of the place and is pronounced two-oh-five. Ready to know what to try out from their menu?

Here are our favorites:

205 at Bonofacio High Street 3

Bruschetta Platter, Php800

To start off, there’s the Bruschetta Platter composed of your choice of five pieces of bruschetta. At 205, each piece has grilled rustic bread with olive oil, roasted garlic, and varied toppings.

Our platter had Sea Lover, a bruschetta with shrimp, pesto, bell peppers, blueberry, and mascarpone; Vegetariana, composed of grilled artichokes, eggplant, piquillo peppers, mascarpone and green apple balsamic glaze; the Farmer’s, made of Burrata, salami, piquillo peppers and blueberries; Sottobosco, which has truffle paste, roasted bell peppers, spinach, ricotta, and balsamic vinegar; and Prosciutto, finished with chopped prosciutto and homemade aioli.

You can order them per piece at Php180, but we recommend getting a platter so you can taste everything!

205 at Bonofacio High Street 14

Sausage and Sauerkraut, Php350

As for the mains, they’ve got Sausage and Sauerkraut, a German sausage with sauerkraut and Dijon mustard in between a toasted banh mi bun. It’s really tasty and enough to fill you up any time of day!

205 at Bonofacio High Street 17

Salmone Grigliato, Php450

205’s Salmone Grigliato is also a must-try. It’s pan-seared salmon in lemon butter sauce with rocket salad and thinly-sliced potatoes in cream. Gobble it up while it’s warm so that the creamy potatoes will melt in your mouth!

205 at Bonofacio High Street 26

Carbonara pizza, Php420

This also goes for the Carbonara pizza from their Le Pizze menu. It’s made of mozzarella, guanciale, parmesan, eggs and white sauce; take advantage of the dripping egg yolk as you get a slice of it! Yum!

205 at Bonofacio High Street 41

Uni and Caviar Radiatori, Php590

205 has pasta, too! We tried Uni and Caviar Radiatori, a homemade radiatori pasta with fresh uni (Japanese word for sea urchin), black caviar, and lemon alfredo sauce. It tastes very delectable as the uni and black caviar complement each other very well.

205 at Bonofacio High Street 10

Prosciutto and Salami Milano, Php850 each

When it comes to wine pairings, they’ve got two mouth-watering Salumi platters that you won’t get enough of! Choose between Prosciutto, a platter filled with prosciutto, gouda, cheddar, mozzarella, blue cheese, dark chocolate bits, pistachio, sultanos, walnuts, grapes and olives; and Salami Milano, a platter of salami, gouda, cheddar, mozzarella, blue cheese, dark chocolate bits, pistachio, sultanos, walnuts, grapes and olives.

205 at Bonofacio High Street 22

Each bottle starts at Php4800

If you’d like to visit 205 mainly for the drinks, this cozy bar proudly offers a Bottled Service, where you can choose your own bottle from their list and have a bartender and cart by your side. You can choose from bottles of gin, tequila, bourbon, whiskey, rum, and vodka. The bartender can also make any cocktail you wish using your bottle of choice. So cool!

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Other than the Bottled Service, they also have a long list of your favorite classic cocktails for Php350 each! We tried five of them!

205 at Bonofacio High Street 33

Bramble, Php350

This pink drink is more than just Instagrammable. It’s called Bramble, and is made of gin, lemon, crème de mure (blackberry) and crushed ice. It is really addicting and will give you a slight ‘kilig’ with every sip.

205 at Bonofacio High Street 27

Daiquiri, Php350

This all-time favorite cocktail is also available at 205. It’s made of rum, fresh lime, and sugar – perfect for long conversations and catching up with friends after work.

205 at Bonofacio High Street 40

Moscow Mule, Php350

Another favorite, Moscow Mule, is made of vodka, fresh ginger, fresh lime, and sugar that will really make you order more of it! The metallic mug also deserves to be in anyone’s Instagram story!

205 at Bonofacio High Street 32

Dark and Stormy, (cocktail in the middle) Php350

The tallest glass on the photo with a gold bent straw is called Dark and Stormy because it’s a mix of rum, fresh ginger, fresh lime, soda water, and sugar. Ladies, this will be your next favorite drink!

205 at Bonofacio High Street 36

Mint Julep, Php350

Satisfy your thirst any day of the week with a Mint Julep made of bourbon, fresh mint, sugar, and crushed ice. Really refreshing!

These are just five of their best-selling cocktails.

They’ve got a really a long list of drinks to choose from. Plus, they can customize drinks according to your liking, so feel free to request!


C2, Upper Ground, High Street Central, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

Instagram: @205bgc