2023 Tarot Predictions for Every Zodiac Sign

By Rob Rubin

Has 2022 been good to you? Has it been bad? The year’s about to end, so let’s take a look at what’s coming up for the signs this 2023!

2023 Tarot Predictions for Every Zodiac Sign

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Aries – The Star

What a way to start 2023! Wishes will be fulfilled, prayers will be answered. Congratulations on that!

Taurus – 10 of Swords, Reversed

You will start learning the lessons, ending the patterns. Breaking free from the things that have hurt you. It’s a year of learning and transcending the pain and trauma.

Gemini – Justice, Reversed

Don’t follow a path, leave a trail. Don’t follow the rules, don’t follow protocol, and do it YOUR way. Sticking to the tried and true is not gonna get the results you want. You gotta be more innovative and try out new things. Experiment.

Cancer – Ace of Swords, Reversed

You need to come into your own power this year. There’s more to you than you imagine. If you go for it, you will become more powerful. If you wanna grow and be the best, you gotta work for it.

Leo – 10 of Pentacles

Leos got it good for 2023. It’s a year of higher purpose. If you align yourself with your higher purpose, your bills are gonna be paid and then some. Finances are gonna be there, happiness will be there, and all you need will be there, but it’s contingent on you doing your higher purpose. The more you do it, the luckier you’ll be.

Virgo – 9 of Swords

A lot of thinking, anxiety, and stress. You need to stop overthinking and stop being mentally absorbed and thinking about things over and over again. There will be enough things to trigger you, in other words, if you overthink things and don’t know how to shut down your mind, it will be an incredibly difficult year for you and I don’t want that for you.

Libra – The Emperor

Leadership, responsibility, stepping up, and making yourself known. This is the year to do it and you’re gonna make it freaking happen if you go for it. It’s your year to rule!

Scorpio – King of Swords, Reversed

There are gonna be people who oppose you because you Scorpios are intense, powerful, and seductive. But there are just gonna be some people who don’t want that. The thing about this is the people who are gonna get in your way are just “haters” and not really harmful. This is gonna be more people trying to supplant you secretly, the “they hate us ‘coz they ain’t us kinda energy. So watch out for that.

Sagittarius – Queen of Swords, Reversed

You have to have enough confidence in your power to not let people step all over you. Coz if you’re too good, people are gonna sh*t on you and you’re gonna “go werewolf” and people are gonna say you’re a b*tch. Balance it between showing your power but being a little nice. At the same time, though, it’s really gonna be a struggle coz people are gonna be testing your limits (think little kids and how they test your limits with the word “no”).

Capricorn – 3 of Wands

New horizons, expansion, growth, and seeing new places. You might be going places you’ve never been to before, meeting new people, and doing things you’ve never done before. This card shows growth and expansion, I don’t think you’re gonna be too confined for 2023.

Aquarius – Ace of Wands, Reversed

There’s gonna be an idea that gestates in you, but unless you’re gonna ignite it early in the year, you might miss out on opportunities. You might have an idea to start something new, the minute you start it, it’s gonna take on a life of its own, but if you don’t start, it will not ignite. It’s all about “ignite and unleash” for you.

Pisces – Knight of Wands

You’re gonna be traveling, going places, visiting people, seeing people, hanging out. “I’m gonna come visit you” kinda energy or people are gonna come visit you, either or. Get ready for that.

Based on the cards I’m getting, I think all the signs are gonna be brushing off the dust and gunk that was 2022 and welcome a fresh start for 2023.

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