18 Local Shops that Sell Unique and Aesthetic Mirrors

Being stuck at home is giving a lot of us the urge to re-organize and redecorate our homes. Who wouldn’t? After being stuck inside the same rooms for almost half a year, it’s not a surprise that we’d want a change in our environment—even if just a small bit.

Here’s one way to beautify your room or workspace: unique mirrors.

Uniquely-shaped mirrors have been a huge trend recently, possibly because it makes a huge difference in a room with little to no effort. If you’re in the market for this home decor trend, here are a few local shops where you can get yours: (PS. This list is not in order.)


Kin & Cove

What you should get: Macrame Mirrors

Kin & Cove offers stylish yet affordable made-to-order mirrors that can liven up your space. From handmade macrame-framed mirrors to elegant frameless, and minimalist mirror stands, they provide a lot of mirror options that will perfectly fit your lifestyle.

Their mirrors range from PHP 549 to PHP 2,299. Kin & Cove is based in Manila City. 

Follow them on social media: @kincoveph


Ware Empire PH

What you should get: Copper Framed Geometric Mirrors

Ware Empire PH is a start-up Instagram brand that offers homewares, dining wares, and decorative mirrors. They’ve got a wide range of designs, but for a more minimalist yet elegant look, their copper-framed geometric mirrors are the way to go.

Based in Marikina City, their prices start at PHP 350!

Follow them on social media: @wareempireph



What you should get: Frameless Heart Mirror

Home.EditMNL is a local shop that serves a creative curation of anything lifestyle. Their first collection was mirrors—framed and frameless, and with 6 different shapes. Home.EditMNL’s best-sellers are MARGA (heart-shaped mirror) and CASSIE (round-shaped mirror). They can also customize any shape for your mirror needs.

You can get awesome mirrors for as low as PHP 1,299. They deliver all across Metro Manila from Quezon City.

Follow them on social media: @home.editmnl

Dainty Patterns

What you should get: Trending Eye Mirrors

Dainty Patterns is a Makati-based business founded by an empowered woman in her 20’s who just wants to make everyone’s house feel a lot like home. They offer dainty and chic finds that are aesthetically pleasing for your Instagram feed and set a perfect relaxing mood to your vanity area.

You can get your aesthetic desk mirrors for just below 500 pesos!

Follow them on social media: @daintypatterns


Lunar Mirror PH

What you should get: Moon Mirror

What started as a DIY project became an Instagram brand by two BFFs who are both moon-lovers. Lunar Mirror PH offers moon-inspired mirrors that feature decorative sand for the “moon” part of the mirror. Perfect for moon children like the owners!

You can get your moon mirrors from Makati for as low as PHP 1,700.

Follow them on social media: @lunarmirror.ph


Furi Home

What you should get: Painted Irregular Desk Mirrors

Furi Home was founded on the desire to explore the different home styles for the bold and creative to build your personal contemporary oasis. They curate & create products designed to play with the boundaries of everyday living. On the website, you’ll find home decor, mirrors, blankets, lighting, furniture, and other unique yet attainable pieces.

You can get unique pieces starting at PHP 1,500. They are based in BGC.

Follow them on social media: @furihome.ph


Likha Interiors

What you should get: Gustaf Westman-Inspired Mirrors

Lïkha* is a home improvement brand focused on bringing unique handmade and designed pieces that reflect customers’ personalities. 

Their classic Änïnäg pieces have cloud-like borders which give an organic feel and texture to the mirrors, making it a perfect accent piece for any space. The borders are made out of high-density foam normally used in construction.

Prices start from PHP 750 and they deliver from Pasig City.

Follow them on social media: @likha.interiors


Nordic Home PH

What you should get: Victorian-inspired Mirrors

Nordic Home PH offers a wide range of home decor which are mostly inspired by Scandinavian & European designs. They offer unique & aesthetically pleasing products, yet functional for the home. If you’re in the market for regal pieces, check out their Victorian-inspired mirrors!

Prices start from PHP 520 and they deliver from Pasay City.

Follow them on social media: @nordichomeph


16H Homestore

What you should get: Wooden Desk Stand Mirrors

16H Homestore is a fairly new home accessories shop carrying a collection of pieces sourced from our local artisans. They take pride in offering pieces that was developed and handcrafted with Filipino’s hard work and love.

They have desk mirrors starting at PHP 1,150 with products manufactured in Pampanga, but they deliver from Pasig City.

Follow them on social media: @16hhomestore


Hamaika Studio

What you should get: Rattan Mirrors

Hamaika was created a few months ago to support local rattan and furniture workers and to cater to the growing need for unique and luxe custom pieces for the home. They have a variety of ready-made mirror designs, but they also cater to customized pieces.

Their rattan-framed mirrors range from PHP 3,000-5,000 and you can get them from Quezon City.

Follow them on social media: @hamaikastudio.ph


Deqory PH

What you should get: European Vintage Mirrors

Deqory is a home-grown brand specializing in Greco-Roman and European vintage ornaments, decorations, frames, pots, plants, and many more. Each article is meticulously selected from foreign importers and local artisans. Their styles range from Greco-Roman, Rococo, Baroque, and all manner of intricate period designs!

You can get regal European vintage-style mirrors for as low as PHP 599. They deliver from Mandaluyong and Taguig.

Follow them on social media: @deqoryhome


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Irregular Mirrors


Mirrormirror MNL

Mirror Mirror offers uniquely bespoke mirror pieces to those who see authenticity and eccentric inspiration from simple forms of nature.

Mirrors start at PHP 2,000. They deliver from Sta. Mesa, Manila.

Follow them on social media: @mirrormirror.mnl


Glimmer Studios Co.

Glimmer Studios Co. is a start-up business that caters to the aesthetic mirror needs of the millennial market.

Mirrors start at PHP 300. They deliver from Malabon City.

Follow them on social media: @glimmerstudiosco


Adhika MNL

Adhika MNL is a one-stop-shop for glass and mirror needs. They offer customized designs and sizes.

Mirrors start at PHP 900. They deliver from Quezon City and Parañaque City.

Follow them on social media: @adhikamnl_


Greenery MNL

Greenery MNL is owned by a young couple who were just trying to find ways on how they can make their quarantine days more productive and fulfilling. They actually started as a plant business and the rest is history.

Mirrors start at PHP 900. They deliver from Caloocan City.

Follow them on social media: @greenerymnl_


Meraki MNL

“Meraki” means doing something with soul, creativity, and love. For the people behind the brand, it simply means just the same when you want to revamp your place for a delightful environment.

Irregular mirrors start at PHP 1,300. They deliver from Quezon City.

Follow them on social media: @merakimnl_


BM Design

BM design is an interdisciplinary design studio that specializes in distinct & contemporary works on arts.

Mirrors start at PHP 700.

Follow them on social media: @bmdesign.collection



Mirrors start at PHP 450. They have physical stores in Makati City.

Follow them on social media: @stylehood

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