9 Celebrity Picks to Inspire Your Home Decor

Words by Gabriella Mercado / Photos by Katrina Mae Meguizo


Moved to a new place? Well, even if you have not, taking a look at home decor is always fun!

With EDSA Shangri-La Plaza’s growing number of furniture stores, it won’t be hard to make the mall a one-stop shop for your home decor! May your style be glamorous, bright or minimalist, it will be easy to achieve any style with the vast selections EDSA Shangri-La Plaza has.

Just take it from these 9 featured stylists who showed us how they got creative with their own spaces:

9 Celebrity Picks to Inspire Your Home Decor

Julius Babao


The news reporter, who has been collecting paintings since the 90s, chose monochromatic furniture to make the paintings the highlight of the room.

Apple David


The PBA Courtside Reporter designed her bedroom in a way that most millennials would: with a ‘minimalist’ theme and a touch of pink, of course.

Jie Pambid


The Interior Designer chose pieces that would make the dining experience feel more luxurious and comfortable – perfect for eating and chatting.

Karylle Yuzon


The singer likes bright touches for a positive feel. Of course, her living room would not feel complete without a music player!

Rajo Laurel


The fashion designer created his own space that he can forget everything in. It was his place wherein he could be free to be himself. He chose bright colors to give the room a lighter feel. And, since he likes plants, there were plenty of those, too.

Jed Madela


The singer/celebrity designed his bedroom as any accomplished man would: with dark, musty colors for a masculine feel and minimal decor for a clean and organised bedroom look.

Jappy Gonzales


The Managing Director of H&F Retail Concepts, Inc. created a living room that is simple yet comfortable for a chitchat.

Stephanie Zubiri


The host and columnist of Modern Living TV, and a mom of 2 boys, designed a bedroom that a young boy could grow into. Pieces that are timeless yet versatile allow room for change.

Xandro Ramos-Padilla

UFM 10

The Managing Director of National Bookstore designed an office space that spell G-O-A-L-S for all the ladies out there who are obsessed with stationary.

These 9 personalities furnished their spaces with brands like Bo Concept, Build City, Luxe Room, Restoration, Artistree, Blims, and more.

Any of these furniture and decor interest you? Visit EDSA Shangri-La Plaza and achieve your home decor goals!

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