15 Christmas Gift Ideas For New Moms

Christmas is definitely here and 2020 has been the year of wonderful new babies! I’m sure many of our friends and family members either got pregnant or just gave birth. So if you are thinking of what to give them this Christmas, here are some of our Lazada picks! 

Babygro Lightweight Umbrella Stroller

Having a new baby means having to bring them out for some fresh air and a bit of sun so a lightweight and easy to fold stroller is something that parents would definitely need. This Babygro Lightweight Umbrella Stroller is suitable from birth to 4 years old (depending on the weight). The backrest can be adjusted to suit newborns and can be seated as your baby grows. It also has a 3-point safety harness to make sure your baby is secured when going around. It is also easy to fold with its 2 hand folding system and is compact enough for storage. The stroller comes in three colors- black, blue, and red.

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8 IN 1 Foldable Newborn Baby Stroller

If you are looking for a more fashionable stroller, this aluminum alloy 8 IN 1 Foldable Stroller is perfect. This stylish stroller can be used from newborn to 36months  and has different incline positions to grow with your baby. The sleeping basket can be removed and used as a cot. It also has a two-way pushing so you can have your baby face you or face away. The canopy is also perfect to protect your baby from the sun or away from people if you are taking them for their regular vaccine at the hospital.

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Breast Pump with Massager

Breastfeeding is the best way for your baby to get the vitamins and nutrients they need and sometimes we need some help to express those milk. A breast pump is a lifesaver especially for those who are always on the go or those who need to go to the office. This double breast pump saves time in pumping out milk and can suction the milk safely. It also has a massage function to help moms who are just starting out with their breastfeeding journey or if they are engorged. It is also easy to use and can be cleaned in your sterilizer. It is safe to use even when around your baby as it runs on low power, has little vibration, and low noise. It also travels friendly because it is small and lightweight. A set includes the breast pump and 2 baby milk bottles.

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Bottle Sterilizer and Warmer

It could be tiring to heat up some water every time you need to feed your baby. A bottle warmer is the perfect gadget to help moms heat up their expressed breast milk or formula. Since babies are sensitive to extreme temperatures, it’s important that the milk we give them are just right. This 2-in-1 Bottle Warmer and Sterilizer is perfect for practical moms.

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Utility Trolley

Having a baby also means lots of things that you need within reach. Aside from breastfeeding items you also need changing items like diapers, cotton and etc. To help you organize, you need a utility trolley.

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Multi-purpose Muslin Cloth

If there is something that babies use all the time, it’s probably a towel or lampin. What we love are the muslin towels which are soft and delicate for baby skin. This NiceBorn muslin towels are made from 6 layers of 100% cotton yarn and each order is 3pcs.

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2 in 1 Diaper Bag and Baby Bed

Another sulit find is this Diaper Bag and Baby bed in 1. This is practical for moms especially if they need to change diapers or if their baby needs to take a nap. The package includes the bag, a bed mat and 2 stroller hook belts. It comes in Purple, Gray, Black, Blue and Red.

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3-in-1 Folding Baby High Chair

If you are buying a high chair, it is important that it grows with your baby. This 3-in-1 folding baby high chair can be used as a High Chair, Low Chair, and Seat Chair. It can be used during feeding, playing, or as a booster seat. It can be easily folded for storage and has an easy to remove/attach table for cleaning after meals.

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Feeding Baby Bottles

Though feeding bottles seem similar to each other, there are feeding bottles that will help with colic. These bottles from Tommee Tippee features award winning design to make sure that your baby don’t get nipple confusion as they wean. The design reduces colic symptoms for less wind, less reflux, and less discomfort.

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Bath Tub

This Bath tub is foldable and can be used from newborn onwards. The large capacity can be perfect for babies and even adults.

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Baby Clothes

One of the best-selling items during Christmas is newborn clothes and if you are looking for cute items for your baby, inaanaks or pamangkins, these overruns from CiCi are worth a try.

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Musical Baby Mobile and Night Light

A musical baby mobile helps develop cognitive skills and this multi-purpose mobile can also be used as a night light or a toy. The pieces can be removed and be played with while the middle part can be a stand-alone night light.

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Baby carrier

Having a baby can be strenuous for your back and having a baby carrier can be helpful. This baby carrier is breathable, durable, and comfortable for both the baby and the parent who is using it. The baby seat has an anti-slip cover to make sure that you baby stays in place. It also has storage pockets for your mobile phone and other essentials.

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Sound Machine

If you are sleep training your baby, a sound machine can help them. This sound machine has 8 kinds of sleep comforting music, including white noise, sea waves, bird song, thunderstorm sound, campfire sound, stream, summer night insect sound, Guqin music. It also has a volume control to make sure your baby is comfortable.

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Of course something that families need is a crib. This multifunctional baby crib is portable and you can bring it anywhere in the house. This is made of pine, steel tube and linen cotton for the comfort of your baby. The sleeping basket is 38cm long and can be used for sleeping, rocking, and playing. An order includes a mosquito net and mattress.

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