14 Things That Shocked My Canadian Friend About Manila

7. The pa-cute security guards

Phoebe found it hilarious when the security guards in my village would yell at me from great distances, “hello ma’am Clintoooon! Have a good day ma’am Clintoooon!”


6. Women at work wearing full makeup and heels

In Canada we usually roll out of bed, grab a coffee, and tumble into work half-asleep.

5. People go crazy for daytime variety shows

Phoebs even got centered out and interviewed in-studio before It’s Showtime, which she refers to as the “strangest experience of her life.”


4. Getting a full pat-down and bag check upon entering any store

“She literally stroked my arm then let me in…what if I had a weapon in my bag?!”

Honest GUard

3. Paying to use the washroom, and no tissue in the stalls

Thank goodness for the receipts and flyers in my purse (did I really just write that?).

2. Karaoke in the middle of grocery stores

…and everywhere else.

karaoke pinoys

1. The hospitality of the Filipinos (siyempre!)

And how gorgeous Filipinas are. Phoebe snapped me this on the plane.

Mission to get my country-loving friend to love Manila: SUCESS.  Manila loves you too, Phoebs!

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