14 Movies To Watch If You’re Feeling Senti On A Rainy Day

It’s the rainy season, friends, which means a lot of staying inside, looking out the window, and feeling sentimental about certain things in our lives. If you’re stuck inside because of the weather and are looking for a way to kill time, why not watch a movie that goes along with how gloomy it is outside? Turn off all the lights, pull up a blanket, and set up one of these films:

14. Sunshine on Leith

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A little known film, Sunshine on Leith is a jukebox musical set in Edinburgh, Scotland that’s set against the music of famous Scottish music duo The Proclaimers. It follows the story of two soldiers who are trying to settle back into the lives they left behind before going to war. It’s one part family drama and one part romantic-comedy which makes it the perfect feel-good movie to watch on a rainy day.

13. Pride and Prejudice

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A classic love story, Pride and Prejudice tells the story of Elizabeth Bennet who falls in love with the seemingly masungit Mr. Darcy. Set against the beautiful English countryside during the Regency period, this film will transport you to a simpler time filled to the brim with those quotes about love people put on their social media pages. Spoiler: there’s a scene where Elizabeth runs through the rain and Darcy follows her. That scene in itself makes this a quintessential rainy day must-watch.

12. Arrival

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If you thought I wouldn’t be able to sneak in a movie about aliens in this list then you’re wrong. Arrival follows the story of a linguist who’s been tasked to communicate with alien life forms with a bizarre language pattern. Starring Amy Adams, Arrival manages to captivate its audience not only because of its alien and sci-fi aspects but also because of the story of Adams’ character herself as she starts falling for one of her colleagues while (seemingly) mourning the death of her child. It’s best watched with all the lights turned off while you snuggle against a pillow.

11. A Silent Voice

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Are you ready to cry? Are you ready to cry some more after that? And then maybe cry a little bit more after? Well, A Silent Voice, in my opinion, is one of the best movies to watch if you’re looking for a good ugly cry. The story follows a high school boy whose entire life changes because of a girl he used to bully in high school. It’s hard to talk about it without spoiling it, but basically, this is a wholesome film that deals with tragedy, self-discovery, friendship, and (of course) love.

10. That Thing Called Tadhana

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Angelica Panganiban and JM De Guzman star in what is now considered a modern classic—That Thing Called Tadhana. It’s a story about a man and woman forming a friendship while the woman tries to get over a recent breakup. If this isn’t in your rainy-day watchlist already, I might be slightly judging you. This movie inspired hoards of people to go to Sagada to be alone. Thankfully, you don’t need to go to Sagada to have a good senti sesh. You just need a dark room and this film!

9. The Beautiful Person

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French films are always good at setting a senti mood if you feel like emoting during a rainy day. Starring Lea Seydoux, this film follows the story of a high school girl who moves to a new school after her mother passes away. Completely devoid of any interest in anyone, she starts dating a classmate but becomes attracted to her Italian language teacher. When the teacher begins reciprocating her affections, things get very complicated.

8. Love You To The Stars and Back

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My personal favorite, I Love You To The Stars and Back is a film that’s often overlooked as just another love team romance movie. However, this movie deals with family drama, grief, and self-worth. Julia Barretto and Joshua Garcia really brought out serious acting chops in this film and you wouldn’t be able to help but cry during certain points in this film. Best watched when the storm is at its peak or at three in the morning when your emotional walls are all down.

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