13 Restaurants to Eat at When in Ortigas

Words by: Giorgia Ocampo Danga
Photos by: Christopher Cancio

“Saan tayo kakain?”

Probably the one of the hardest everyday questions to answer is where to eat. Ortigas people, worry not; The Podium’s got you!

Take a break from the busy business world and have lunch with your workmates or have a dinner date with your S.O. (or your mom) after a long day of work because you deserve it.

Located at ADB Avenue in the Ortigas Center, The Podium’s fifth floor is a feast of flavors. Whatever you’re craving for – be it Japanese, Pinoy, Mexican, Greek, or Vietnamese – The Podium can take you around the world!

Banana Leaf

How to dine like a real Southeast Asian? Eat on a banana leaf! Banana Leaf serves authentic Malaysian, Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese, and even Indian food. Any dish you choose will definitely come with a burst of flavors. Tip: dip their Roti Canai in their Malayan Beef Curry. It is the bomb.

Must-try: Vietnamese Prawn Ball with Cheese, Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls, Stir-fried Oat Prawns in Singaporean Style, Thai Pandan Leaf

WiM Feast of Flavors Cancio 32

Chibo Okonomiyaki

You don’t need to fly to Osaka to get a taste of Japan’s savory pancakes. In Chibo, okonomiyaki is never boring.  You can choose how you like your okonomiyaki served – from plain to oozing with prawns, bacon, cheese, and more!

Must-try: Shirayukihime, Doutonbori Okonomiyaki, Omusoba, Soba Meshi, Gyoza Teppan, Osaka Ika Yaki

WiM Feast of Flavors Cancio 36


Unleash your inner child  and give in to the sugar rush. Cinnabon is already a household name when it comes to desserts. Their newest offer? The Cookies and Cream Minibon and a cup of Joe – a good choice for merienda!

Must-try: Cookies and Cream Minibon, Affogato Chilatta

WiM Feast of Flavors Cancio 84

Golden Cowrie

Did you know that Pomelo is a very good alternative for lettuce as a salad main? And that lechon can still taste excellent without the sauce? And that Bantayan island’s scallops are heaven on Earth? Experience the beautiful island of Cebu with its flavors in Golden Crowie.

Must-try: Pomelo Salad, Lechon Belly, Baked Bantayan Scallops

WiM Feast of Flavors Cancio 19


Madeca gets its name MAnila DE aCApulco and serves a fusion of flavors of the two Spanish colonies. Filipino favorites like sisig and lechon kawali don’t only come good with rice here; they’re also great wrapped in Mexican alongside salsa and sour cream! Who knew?

Must-try: Sisig Burrito, Lechon Kawali Mexikahin

WiM Feast of Flavors Cancio 71

Motorino Pizzeria Napoletana

Who says no to pizza? Get a taste of Naples, Italy in Motorino! The New York Times’ “City’s Best Pizza” is made from high quality Italian ingredients cooked in a woodfire oven. Tip: they also have lovely desserts. You might want to take a heavenly bite of their Torta Al Cioccolato!

Must-try: Carne Trio, Salame, Torta Al Cioccolato, Ham and Mushroom

WiM Feast of Flavors Cancio 64

Nha Em

As its name literally translates to, Nha Em will make you feel like you’re at home. More than its famous Pho, Vietnamese cuisine has a lot more to offer. Their menu is a long list of fresh, flavorful food that is also good for the health! Tip: Order a cup of Vietnamese coffee if you need to pull an all-nighter!

Must-try: Fresh Spring Rolls, Skillet Banh Mi, Crispy Crepe, River Prawns, Spicy Beef Noodles, Salted Egg Tofu

WiM Feast of Flavors Cancio 21

Shi Lin

No need to travel to Binondo if you’re craving for hakaw, shaomai or long bao. These dumplings are within your reach at Shi Lin! This resto offers good Chinese food at reasonable prices, and you’ll definitely keep ordering more.

Must-try: Xiao Long Bao, Shaomai, Hakaw

WiM Feast of Flavors Cancio 61

Tai Koo

Feel like you’re feasting on the streets of Jackie Chan’s motherland here. Eating ducks need not be a luxury anymore. Tai Koo boasts of quality HK-import ducks at affordable prices. They also serve veggies, dimsum, noodles, chicken, and pork – a full HK dining experience indeed!

Must-try:  Roast Duck, Roast Char Siu, Roast Pork Belly

WiM Feast of Flavors Cancio 42

The Cafe Mediterranean

Mediterranean food may not sound that familiar to Filipinos, but it really is worth the try! The Cafe Mediterranean has a chill yet vibrant vibe with its interiors and offers healthy, comforting food on cute plates.

Tip: everything’s good with their special garlic yogurt sauce!

Must-try: Gyro, Hummus, Moutabal, Tzatziki, Tabbouleh, Falafel

WiM Feast of Flavors Cancio 17

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

The best place to go after a hard day’s work to chill or do more work (yas for productivity!) is your good ol’ coffee shop. Cool down this summer with their Ice Blended beverages. And treat your sweet tooth with their delicious pastries (we recommend their chocolate crinkles)!

Must-try: Blueberry Muffins, Chocolate Crinkle, Mango Tres Leches Cake, White Chocolate Berry Cheesecake, Mocha Coconut Ice Blended, Caramel Coconut Ice Blended

WiM Feast of Flavors Cancio 22


You won’t say ayawku to Yaku. Upon entering this resto grill, you’ll already feel like you’re on the streets of Japan. Big servings of mouth-watering Japanese food at reasonable prices = WIN! Warning: once you get a bite of their Saikoro Beef, you probably never will want to stop.

Must-try: Yaku Platter, Saikoro Beef, Spicy Salmon Maki

WiM Feast of Flavors Cancio 55

Uma Uma

Yes, it’s possible to get that pure umami taste in your ramen without MSG. Where? At Uma Uma! This restaurant will satisfy your ramen cravings with its generous portions and variety of choices. The comfort every bite brings is definitely worth your bucks!

Must-try: Uma Uma Ramen, Chasiu Don

WiM Feast of Flavors Cancio 48

Don’t know where to eat the next time you’re in Ortigas? Take your pick at the Podium where you definitely won’t run out of choices!