13 Activities Children Can Do to Beat Boredom in Manila

Summer isn’t the only time kids get bored at home. I don’t know about your kids, but my daughter gets bored pretty often lately (iPads and toys just don’t cut it anymore). Maybe it comes with getting older, but I have come to find that she even gets bored of the play areas in malls now – places that she used to find the utmost joy in.

To combat this boredom of hers, I decided to ask my friends for tips on activities that she can do here in Manila that don’t involve staying at home:

13 Activities Children Can Do to Beat Boredom in Manila

13. Enrol them in a class.

Tabang Tambayan

This is probably the oldest trick in the book. Naturally, the classes that you choose to enrol your kids in will completely depend on their overall interests. After looking around in our area here in the South, for example, I found a great gymnastics class at Chrome Divas, an art workshop and a yoga class that I knew my daughter was sure to enjoy.

12. Have fun at Ace Water Spa.

Ace Water Spa

Photo from Ace Water Spa’s Facebook page.

Do not be fooled by its name. Apparently, Ace Water Spa is more than just a spa. They have a fun area to splash around in that children are sure to love, as well as a stunning roof deck restaurant for parents to enjoy a romantic evening in.

11. Go ice skating in malls.

Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it. Ice skating in malls is actually a really fun pastime. Plus, you get to beat the heat of Manila at the same time while you’re there. And, when you’re done? Food and shopping choices all around you! It’s a win-win decision – trust me.

10. Introduce them to robotics.aedi-robot-science-museum-when-in-manila

At the First Robotics Learning Center in Annapolis, Greenhills, kids can learn about technological advancements through fun activities. Besides, who doesn’t love technology?

9. Visit a digital interactive playground.

Future Park Social Floor

Photo from Future Park’s website.

Called Future Park, this digital interactive playground in Century City Mall, Makati, is full of creative games and activities grounded in science, math, and plenty of do-it-yourself attitude. Kids won’t just have fun here; they’ll be challenged, too.

8. Spend the day at Enchanted Kingdom.

Enchanted Kingdom 22

We may not have a Disneyland of our own, but we do have an Enchanted Kingdom – and kids love the place all the same! You’ll definitely get a lot of happy vibes from your kids after a day at EK!

Read on for more fun activities for the kiddies!

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