Enchanted Kingdom: The Magic That Stays With You

When In Manila, way back October 1995… Enchanted Kingdom opened its doors to the public. I still remember the excitement I felt when I first stepped in the park grounds.  I was with my cousins then, the feeling I felt was just pure bliss. It was incomparable, my heart was filled with happiness in an instant.

Enchanted Kingdom will always have a special place in my heart. It was where my mom used to take us on Sundays. It was where me and my high school friends used to spend some weekends. I miss those days.

Enchanted Kingdom 29

Good thing recently, I had the chance to go back to that happy place with my friends and nephew. And the feeling? It was the same feeling I would always remember–Magical.

Enchanted Kingdom 25Welcome to Enchanted Kingdom! 


Enchanted Kingdom: The Magic Stays With You

Through the years, Enchanted Kingdom remains to be the only world class theme park here in the Philippines, nothing even comes close. They have continuously improved in terms of rides and attractions that keeps people coming back for more.


Enchanted Kingdom 28Happiness overload!!


The newest attraction I’ve seen the last time I went to Enchanted Kingdom was the 4D, which now I believe is the 7D. For those who haven’t visited EK recently,  sharing to you the 6 new attractions you should see when you visit Enchanted Kingdom again:


6.  Disk O Magic

Fun and breathtaking–2 words to describe this ride that will keep you spinning literally and figuratively. I wouldn’t pick this as the best ride, but yes.. I would probably ride this again the next time I go back to EK!

Enchanted Kingdom 12

Enchanted Kingdom 14


 5. Air Race

Another fun ride that I would suggest to try is the Air Race. It can rotate either 180 or 360 degrees,  simulating acrobatic exhibition flights. And the best part of the ride is when you are left hanging upside down!   

Enchanted Kingdom B

Enchanted Kingdom 27


4. 7D: Interactive Motion Theater

The first in the Philippines. 7D is an interactive ride that allows “players” to fight on screen characters using light guns while scoring points. A live screen is viewable in the waiting area to entertain the next players. After the ride itself, top scorers of the group will be flashed on the screen, and well of course, the highest scorer gets the bragging right afterwards. An entrance fee of Php 100.00 is being charged for this attraction. 


3. EKstreme Tower Ride

If your are afraid of heights, I do not suggest for you to try this ride. The thrill you seek, you will get it here! While enjoying the view of the whole park while the ride ascends… then suddenly drops 76kph 40 meters from the ground! EKstreme Tower ride will leave your heart up in the air and your lungs screaming for more! 

Enchanted Kingdom 7

Enchanted Kingdom 8


2. Pagpag: Siyam na Buhay 

Inspired by a Filipino horror movie starring Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo, Pagpag will surely make your heart pound! This horror attraction charges Php 75.00.

Enchanted Kingdom 11


1. Kubot : The Aswang Chronicles 

The newest horror attraction you shouldn’t miss is Kubot. It is designed like a slaughter house where Kubot, one of the various kinds of Aswang (monster) in the Philippines, brings its victims to be tormented. “Kubot is a long-haired female aswang that morphs its hair into a tentacle-like mass to squeeze its victim’s internal organs out like toothpaste.” This attraction is based on the highly-anticipated movie, Kubot: The Aswang Chronicles 2, directed by Erik Matt.


Enchanted Kingdom1


After checking out the new attractions, be sure not to miss riding the trademark rides of Enchanted Kingdom.


6. Rio Grande Rapids

Who would want to miss this ride that will get you very, very wet!

Enchanted Kingdom 30

Enchanted kingdom 4


5. Flying Fiesta

Dry yourself up and enjoy the wind with the flying fiesta!

Enchanted Kingdom A

Enchanted Kingdom 31


4. Anchor’s Away

I wouldn’t mind being voiceless the next day because of Anchor’s Away! 

Enchanted Kingdom 15

Enchanted Kingdom 6


3. Jungle Log Jam

Get the feel of sailing in the river at Jungle Log Jam!

Enchanted Kingdom 22



2. Wheel of Fate

Appreciate the view of the whole of Enchanted Kingdom at the Wheel of Fate.

Enchanted Kingdom D


1. Space Shuttle

Who’d skip riding this extreme ride? Scream and shout at Space Shuttle!

Enchanted Kingdom 16

Enchanted Kingdom C


I would still say that I still enjoy every moment spent at Enchanted Kingdom. That feeling of magic that Enchanted Kingdom gave me when I was a kid, would always stay within me. When In Manila, share that magic to your loved ones, feel that happy feeling, visit Enchanted Kingdom and see it for yourself!  

Enchanted Kingdom E


Enchanted Kingdom

Website: www.enchantedkingdom.ph

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 Photos by JoTan23.blogspot.com