12 Sustainable Brands that are Proudly Pinoy

6. Crafted With Love

Crafted With Love takes everyday women’s accessories to another level.

Crafted With Love 1

We asked Joy Jesena Barcelon what the story is behind Crafted With Love, and she said that it started with her mother-in-law finding things to keep herself busy with, which led to the designing of fans.

Eventually, after her passing, Joy decided to continue the passion project; but this time, in the hands of mothers whose children are being taken cared of by ACAP, an NGO dedicated to empowering marginalized youth.

Crafted With Love 2 1 e1534182204168

With the mothers of these children creating such uniquely beautiful designs, Crafted With Love became a full-fledged business and social enterprise that directly helps ACAP, and the children’s families. These are not even half of the many items on display, and I have not seen any of the same kind!

5. Piopio

Piopio combines Filipino traditional design with modern cuts, as can be seen here. Among their items are off-shoulder tops, shorts, skirts, tunics, and dresses. They also have accessories like earrings, necklaces, and bracelets to go with each outfit!

Piopio e1534182940243

Piopio is simply every aspiring Filipino designer’s lookbook.

4. Good Luck, Humans

Good Luck, Humans is simply too cute to be real. Their trademark “buttons” are all handmade, making each piece the only one of its kind. The founder, Apol Massebieau, continuously comes up with new designs and these two are the ones that stood out for me the most from her new collection.

Good Luck Humans

Good Luck Humans 1 e1534183234818

If I had all the time in the world, I would’ve fit almost every dress because they’re all just too cute!

3. Antukin

Antukin is the holy grail of female sleepwear, and that’s because their comfort and quality remains unmatched (100% cotton).

Antukin e1534183732902

I grew up wearing Antukin and I remember being excited for bedtime because it was so just so refreshing to sleep in! I couldn’t resist buying one!

2. Tali Handmade

Tali Handmade was one of those exhibitors that really highlighted what MaArte was about: being responsibly fashionable and fun.

Tali Handmade 1 e1534184206679

They’re so pretty, I’d rather put them on display forever then use them in fear of getting them dirty.

Tali Handmade 2 e1534184228661

Tali Handmade 3 e1534184247697

If you think these bags and shoes are cute, there were so many more on display during the actual fair.

1. Aranáz

Not a new face to MaArte, Aranáz continues to step it up every year and they make sure they are one to be remembered.

Aranaz 3

These are just two out of so many bags that I personally wanted to buy for myself if I had all the closet space in the world. Even their booth setup seemed like one whole wonderland!

With all the intricate patterns, flawless craftsmanship, and beautiful designs each brand exhibited; it is no wonder why MaArte is a bazaar much awaited by women of all ages, and now, by men.

As the National Museum’s biggest fundraiser, the proceeds from MaArte are used for the projects of MFPI and to continue making the National Museum accessible to all Filipinos so that each one can be a part of sharing knowledge about our colorful culture. As Avellana said, “With each item you buy, it goes back to you, because it goes to the National Museum, and the National Museum is yours”.

MaArte at The Pen (featuring the Pinoy Man Cave)

The Peninsula Manila

August 10-12, 2018