12 Sustainable Brands that are Proudly Pinoy

This year marks the 10th anniversary of MaArte, and while it is a yearly event, the Museum Foundation of the Philippines, Inc. (MFPI), the fair’s beneficiary, continually aims to create unique and memorable experiences every year to give the attendees “more than just another bazaar”. Through the MaArte Fair, various artisans, entrepreneurs, designers, and artists from diverse backgrounds come together bearing the same message that one can be maarte, ethical, environmentally friendly, and socially responsible all at the same time.

Here, we give a rundown of newcomers that caught our eye at the MaArte Fair, along with new collections from esteemed names in the sustainable merchandise industry that make us eager to attend the next one! We are also featuring brands from the Pinoy Man Cave, because come on: men can be maarte, too.

12 Sustainable Brands To Keep An Eye On

12. Cosimo

Cosimo, a new exhibitor at MaArte, showcases merchandise made from upcycled leather jackets. All items stay true to the jacket’s original style and personality, making each piece one-of-a-kind.

Cosimo 1 e1534179208813

Cosimo 2 e1534179292636

Cosimo 3 e1534179545882

We especially love this duffel bag made of leather and denim!

11. Siklo

Another new face at this year’s MaArte is Siklo, these bags are made from upcycled tires. Yes, tires.

Siklo 1 e1534179689671The craftsmanship is so flawless that it’s hard to believe these used to be tires! This was such a hit at the Pinoy Man Cave that almost every guy there wanted to take one home.

10. Petty John Pottery

Although it is their first time to be featured at MaArte, Petty John, the artist behind these beautiful pieces, has been running his pottery business for about six years now. A potter from Calamba, he claims that his last name is “Pottery”, hence the name Petty John Pottery.

Petty John Pottery 1 e1534179910491

His love for pottery can definitely be seen in the most unique silhouettes each of his works creates.

Petty John Pottery 2 e1534179938577

9. Picapiedra

Picapiedra was the only one of its kind at the bazaar. Made of natural stone carvings, the artist pays attention to every small detail, taking him weeks to finish a single one.

Picapiedra e1534180334523

He also accepts custom work!

8. Oscar Mejia

Although not a new face at MaArte, Oscar Mejia is anything but predictable as he makes a comeback with three new perfume scents and even more candle scents! The three new perfume scents are Tadhana, Himbing, and Sigla, and they really evoke the same feeling as their name!

Oscar Mejia 1 e1534180567848

We asked Oscar what his inspiration was behind the scents and he said he wanted to elicit feelings intrinsic to every Filipino. For example, Himbing would remind one of oyayi (lullabies) in the bahay kubo in the province on a cold night, or Tadhana would remind one of traditional Filipino courship or ligaw.

Trivia: Did you know that in the 1800s, the Philippines was known as the Parfum de La Asya to other countries because of the intricate and complex scents that we could create with the use of available spices we had in our land? Owning a bottle of perfume from the Philippines meant one was exquisite and had good taste.

7. Yakang Yaka

Yakang Yaka was quite the powerhouse at the bazaar. They had everything from bags and vests to pillows to utensils holders, and coasters.

Yakang Yaka 1 e1534181685429

All of their products are made by different indigenous tribes in the Philippines.
Yakang Yaka 2 e1534181716639

 Plus all of their designs stand out, whether they be woven, molded, or what have you.

Yakang Yaka 4 e1534181802315

Aside from their really cute bags, what stood out for me were the wooden coasters and candle holders. They were not just wood; they were okir shell in-lay merchandise from Tugaya, Maranao. Talk about craftsmanship!

Yakang Yaka 3 e1534181754633

Read on for more interesting brands to watch out for!