12 Organizers to Get for a Cleaner and Neater Home This Year

It doesn’t hurt to welcome the new year with a bit of decluttering and re-organizing. In fact, the new year is the best time to do it!

Make your decluttering and organizing easier (and more fun) with these stylish organizers you can get from Shopee. Tip: having as many organizers as possible can help you keep your space neat for the rest of the year.

12. Mini Desktop Drawer

desktop drawers

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This mini desktop drawer has 9 compartments that are perfect for all the tiny little trinkets you always seem to find around your desk. Each compartment can hold cables, makeup, accessories, and even a few smaller gadgets. Buy this mini desktop drawer!

11. Tabletop Bookshelf

table bookshelf

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This tabletop bookshelf adds a whole other layer to your desk no matter how limited your space may be. It has two layers that you can use to store a few home decor pieces and other productivity items (such as clocks or timers). Buy this tabletop bookshelf here!

10. Under-the-table Wire Basket

wire basket

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If you’ve already occupied every inch of space of your desktop, it may be time to utilize the space under the table. This wire basket adds so much more storage space to your desk, letting you maximize every inch of it. It also works for closets or shelves that need extra space. Buy this under-the-table wire basket here!

9. Pen Organizer

pen organizer

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Love collecting all kinds of pens and stationery items? You’ll need this pen organizer. It has a number of compartments that allow you to store your stationery items while being easily accessible at all times. Buy this pen organizer here!

8. White Storage Boxes


Photo from Shopee

This is an easy way to keep any eyesores out of sight in your home. These minimalist white storage boxes offer a stylish and elegant way to store your items. The wide variety of sizes lets you use this for so many different spaces. Buy these white storage boxes here!

7. Wood Coat Rack

coat rack

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This wooden coat rack will help keep your floors free from all those not-too-dirty-but-not-too-clean clothes. Instead of having them pile up in one corner of the room, this wooden coat rack can hold on to those clothes until you’re ready to wear them again. It’s also a great storage option for belts, scarves, and bags. Buy this wooden coat rack here!

6. Bamboo Hamper

bamboo hamper

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Most of the time, the biggest eyesore in the room is the huge pile of laundry waiting to be washed. If you’re in desperate need of a new laundry hamper that will at least hide those dirty clothes, this bamboo hamper is a great option.

It features a sleek minimalist design and has a removable white lining plus a lid to make sure that your laundry doesn’t peek out. You can also use it to store toys, books, and other huge items. Buy this bamboo hamper here!

5. Plastic Bag Organizer

plastic organizer

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Recycling plastic bags is a huge Filipino thing, so you probably do it, too. If you have too many plastic bags taking up space in your kitchen, this plastic bag organizer and dispenser can help you put them all together. This organizer can be mounted on the wall, and it’s easy to stuff used plastic bags into it. It also has a small dispenser in the bottom so that the bags are easily accessible. Buy this plastic bag organizer here!

4. Elegant Metal Basket

metal basket

Photo from Shopee

These metal baskets add extra elegance (as well as extra storage) to your space. The rose gold color, as well as the minimalist design, are sure to make your stuff and accessories look a lot prettier than usual. It’s best for makeup, office supplies, and other accessories. Buy this elegant metal basket here!

3. Jewelry Organizer

jewelry holder

Photo from Shopee

This jewelry organizer will help keep your accessories in place. No more tangled necklaces and missing earring pairs! This organizer also allows easy access to all of your accessories. Buy this jewelry organizer here!

2. Cable Organizer

cable organizer

Photo from Shopee

Keeping your cables and gadgets out of sight also creates a cleaner and neater space. You’ll definitely need this cable organizer if you’ve got lots of gadgets working at the same time. Just put your extension inside this organizer and all your plugs will be nowhere to be seen. Buy this cable organizer here!

1. Refrigerator Organizer

fridge organizer

Photo from Shopee

Of course, we can’t forget about the fridge when it comes to organizing! These acrylic fridge organizers will surely help you keep your fridge neat. This became such a huge trend over the year, and it’s no surprise why. It’s definitely a lot more therapeutic to see your refrigerator organized and clean. Plus, there’s less chance of food going to waste. Buy these fridge organizers here!

What are your organizing plans for the year? Share it with us!

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