10 Unique Shops For Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is coming up! You’re welcome for the reminder. Now, before you go panicking about what to get for your amazing mother, know that we’ve got your back.

We understand that it can be quite difficult to find the perfect gift to honor a woman who deserves all the good things in the world and nothing less. Fortunately, there are local shops that specialize in thoughtful gifts without needing too much effort on your end.

Here are 10 unique shops that will help you find the best gift for your mom this Mother’s Day:

10. Spoiled by Oils


Spoiled by Oils specializes in sustainable home care products and purposive sprays. There are linen sprays, room fresheners, and even poop sprays! Each product is made from pure essential oils and natural ingredients.

They’ve got scents and sprays that help induce relaxation, perfect for moms who are in need of chill moments at the end of every day. Plus, gift boxes are available!

Check them out here: @spoiledbyoils.ph

9. Private Storey

Here’s a gift that will give your mom more than just something material. You just might be able to give her the ultimate gift yet: a comfortable good night’s sleep in the most stylish way.

Shop for fashionable and versatile sleepwear that your mom will truly enjoy. Because who says she can’t look good even when sleeping?

Check them out here: @privatestorey

8. Tierra

Tierra Plants 5

If you know that your mom loves taking care of living things and you’re out of the house and you don’t want to give her a dog just yet, why not give her a cool plant instead? Not only will it be a great showcase of your mom’s super nurturing abilities, it will give the house a fresh new look as well. Plus, you’ll be making Mother Earth a lot happier!

Check them out here: www.tierraplants.com or @tierraplants

7. Istorya


Sure, get your mom some jewelry, but maybe level it up a bit. Why not add a lot more thought and meaning to an otherwise simple piece of jewelry?

Istorya Creations specializes in personalized pieces that immortalize memories. From lockets with photos to engraved love letters, these accessories will definitely tug at your mom’s heartstrings.

Check them out here: @istorya

6. Kamila’s Online Boutique


Add sentiment to otherwise ordinary flowers with this cool shop! Kamila’s Online Boutique can preserve flowers (and other small trinkets) and turn them into jewelry, phone cases, and coasters! Not only is it perfect for your mom’s summer style, every piece is unique. Definitely worth giving to an equally unique woman!

Check them out here: @kamilas4ambracelet

5. Happy Days Club


Practical gifts also go a long way. Happy Days Club is a subscription box that’s all about taking care of women going through PMS. Each box is filled with all kinds of goodies that will make women feel better when they’re on their period! Why not give a one-year subscription to your mom?

Check them out here: www.happydaysclub.com and @happydaysbox

4. Bloomiere

6 8

You know your mother deserves beautiful flowers even when there’s no special occasion. Of course, it can be quite a disappointment when bouquets wilt after some time. So, Bloomerie solves that by offering imported flowers that are preserved to make them last for a year!

That’s right, gorgeous flowers in beautiful colors lasting for a year. Plus, they come in cool boxes that make them easier to display–no need for vases with water that have to be changed regularly!

Check them out here: www.bloomiere.com and @bloomiere

3. Aperitif

Apetirif 39 170916

If you’re opting for a classy and sophisticated gift for an elegant woman such as your mother, check out Aperitif’s graze boxes!

“Grazing” is a type of food preparation commonly found in Australia and is meant for food sharing. So, Aperitif’s boxes are filled with curated (mostly) European-inspired appetizers that can make any classy woman happy. From wines and cheeses to cold cuts and fruits, you’ll find the perfect graze box for your mom!

Check them out here: aperitifph.myshopify.com and @aperitif_ph

2. E & A Surprise Services


Of course, Mother’s Day deserves a celebration, because our mothers deserve to be celebrated. But if you don’t have the time to plan a surprise party for an important woman, fear not because E & A Surprise Services has got your back.

They specialize in surprise celebration set-ups which can include balloons, flowers, and even a cake! Planning a surprise party has never been this easy!

Check them out here: @ea.surprise

1. Winsome Box


What do you give your mother who deserves everything? Answer: everything.

Yup, it’s possible thanks to the curated gift boxing services of Winsome Box, which is also run by a powerful mother!

They have curated gift boxes that are perfect for pretty much any occasion you can think of, and they’ve partnered with lots of local businesses. So, each box you order also supports the livelihood of many other local businesses.

You can get custom-made boxes for more specific products, or just get a staple box! As someone who has personally opened one of their gift boxes, I’m sure your mom will have a huge smile on her face when she sees the pretty contents of your gift.

Check them out here: @winsomebox

Best Child of The Year goes to you.

What are your plans for your Mother’s Day gifts? Share it with us!