Meet This Pinay Artist Who Turns Flowers Into Wearable Art!

I am always in awe of people who can discover a new passion and actually invest much of their time and effort on it. It’s amazing to know people who to put their heart and soul into the things that they create and share with others.

Mimi Dumalaog is one artist that creates products that instantly puts a smile on people’s faces. She uses resin as her medium to add real flowers into accessories that would be perfect for the summer season.

Mimi is a former government official who’s currently studying for a Master’s degree in Japan. She learned the skill of resin art only a year ago when she saw a resin bangle from the internet, and since then, she has continued to teach herself the craft with the help of online groups and other resin enthusiasts.

She has had the opportunity to explore the art of resin. Mimi has been creating phone cases, jewelry, and coasters that display the beauty of a wide variety of flowers–from cherry blossoms to sunflowers!

And each one of her creations is uniquely eye-catching. I’ve had friends gush over my new phone case peppered with cherry blossoms.

Sooo, belated Happy Valentine’s!! Hope you had fun ? . . Me, I am spending and still spending my days polishing these lovelies ??? These are new open bezel designs with daisies, hydrangea cherry blossoms and more. All of them will be available at @makersmarketph this weekend ❤️ oh and I’ll also bring some unique phone case designs ? . . See you there! . #sunflowerph #sunflowernecklace #sunflowernecklaceph #4ambracelet #accessories #accessoriesph #jewelry #jewelryph #yabangpinoy #supportlocal #handmade #handmadeph #handicraft #handicraftph #handmadeaccessories #handmadeaccessoriesph #naturejewelry #preservedflower #wearart #artjewelry #giftforher #giftforher #valentinesgift #valentinesgiftforher #valentinesph #valentinesgiftph

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Mimi shares with that her favorite thing about this is how she can create art out of pretty much anything–even beads, paper clips or locks of hair.

She also shared that she especially enjoys creating customized products that preserve something special from people’s loved ones.

Been wanting to share this but was advised not to in order to avoid spoiling the surprise ? . . A client of mine has a special someone who loves sunflower so much. He set it as his mission to give her sunflower every now and then. Problem is, when the sunflower dries, she gets sad. So he went to me to get a sunflower that will last for a longer time. . . We ended up doing a coaster for her ? . . . This took quite some time to finish – revisions has been made and unending polishing and buffing has been done but according to him, his special someone loved it so much. At the end of the day, all those time spent doing this is soooo worth it ? . . I’m really happy whenever I help my client put a smile to the face of their loved ones 🙂 . . #preservedflowers #preservedflowersph #preservedsunflower #preservedsunflowers #resin #resinph #resinpreservation #coaster #coasterph

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“I enjoy it most because I get to try something new once in a while. I am more cautious though because I am handling precious items that means so much to my client such as flowers from special someone, a lock of hair from the first cut of their babies and such. It gives me great joy to know that I help preserve happy memories,” she says.

What makes this woman even more amazing is that she has started her own business out of her passion. Kamila’s Online Boutique is an online shop where she sells her gorgeous creations.

“I started Kamila because I want to share my art either through [a] workshop or through selling finished products. This is why my tagline is “wear art”. I call it art because I want my pieces to be more than just commodities. I want it to bring about happiness and joy to the receiver.”

And it indeed gives more than happiness and joy to a lot of people! Many Filipinos have also already learned of the art of resin thanks to the workshops she has held–and will continue to host in the future.

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Being an artist, a full-time student, and a businesswoman, Mimi is definitely a Pinay worth looking up to!

If you’re looking for a new way to wear flowers this season, real ones would definitely be attention-grabbers. You can check out Mimi’s creations in her online shop here.

What do you think of Mimi’s creations? Share it with us!

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